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Marma Therapy

Ayurveda – Healing Through The Doors Of Perception

  Healing Through The Doors Of Perception According to the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda, the two governing principles of creation are “Purusha” [i..e. Awareness] and “Prakruti” [i.e. Creative Dynamism]. The ancient teachings explain that this model of creation exists as a whole – the universe and the individual being the same separated only by degree. In essence, all creation is one.  “As a child is born in its mother’s womb, so the universe is born within the womb of Prakruti, the divine mother.” – Dr. Vasant Lad, Ayurvedic Physician Purusha – choiceless passive awareness; bliss; pure being Prakruti – creative intelligence, potentiality, dynamism  What Is Ayurveda? … “Ayurveda Is The Science Of Right Living.” The Doors Of Perceptions The ancien...

Marma Therapy – An Ancient Healing Science Of Ayurveda

  Marma Therapy – An Ancient Healing Science Of Ayurveda The word “Marma” literally means a tender full vital point, which is a conjugation of muscle, nerve, joint, bone, tendon, artery and vein either in combination of two, three etc., or all the above structures. The father of Surgery – Sushruthacharya, defines Marma as “Marayanthi ithi marma” – which means, that certain vital anatomical locations in the body, when injured shall become painful and cause malfunctioning of the local organs or even cause sudden death (marayanthi) of the individual.   “Vital Life Force” The actions of Marma are controlled by the Pranic Vayu (cosmic energy principle in human body). This Prana Vayu is essential to maintain the life or longevity of a person. Sushruthacharya in his tr...