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5 Health Tips For Winter Season – Balancing Vata Dosha

  5 Health Tips For Winter Season  Winter is the season when the earth’s energy withdrawls back into herself as nature slows down with cold, damp, and heavy qualities. Because of these cold qualities – many people experience signs and symptoms of vata aggravation [anxiety, insomnia, etc] especially during the early part of winter season. Here are some simple ways to remain cozy and healthy during winter season while balancing vata dosha. Vata Dosha – Flow & Motion  Vata dosha governs flow and motion in the mind and body — the movement of thoughts across our minds; memory; food moving through our digestive tract; elimination of wastes; the flow of our blood; and our breath. For the movement of all three doshas — Vata makes it happen; it’s the leader! Since the oth...

Ayurveda – Healing Through The Doors Of Perception

  Healing Through The Doors Of Perception According to the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda, the two governing principles of creation are “Purusha” [i..e. Awareness] and “Prakruti” [i.e. Creative Dynamism]. The ancient teachings explain that this model of creation exists as a whole – the universe and the individual being the same separated only by degree. In essence, all creation is one.  “As a child is born in its mother’s womb, so the universe is born within the womb of Prakruti, the divine mother.” – Dr. Vasant Lad, Ayurvedic Physician Purusha – choiceless passive awareness; bliss; pure being Prakruti – creative intelligence, potentiality, dynamism  What Is Ayurveda? … “Ayurveda Is The Science Of Right Living.” The Doors Of Perceptions The ancien...