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Ladies – Here Are 6 Ways To Have It All.

6 Ways To Have It All For many women today, it’s hard to find a moment to breathe, let alone take care of your health. Whether you’re working in the office or in the home, raising your children or caring for elderly parents — it’s a balancing act just to get through the day. Yet taking care of yourself and staying in balance mentally and physically is central to meeting all the demands of your family and career. “Women today have so many areas of life to attend to, it’s important that they set aside time to maintain their own health and happiness,” says Sankari Wegman, an Ayurvedic expert at The Raj Maharishi Ayurveda Health Spa in Fairfield, Iowa. A wife and mother of two young children, she herself juggles work, teaching and home life. Here she offers six simple suggestions from Maharish...

Female Health: Amenorrhea [cessation of menses] – An Ayurvedic Perspective

Female Health: Amenorrhea – An Ayurvedic Perspective Amenorrhea is a condition characterized by the absence of menstruation.  This disorder is of two types – Primary amenorrhea and secondary amenorrhea. If a girl has not menstruated by age 16 it is referred to as primary amenorrhea and can continue indefinitely. Secondary amenorrhea is characterized by the absence of 2-3 periods in a row in a woman who menstruates normally.  Pregnancy, lactation and menopause do not create the absence of menses. Etiological Factors To Consider:  There are many etiological factors in amenorrhea. It can be due to endocrine disturbances such as hyperthyroidism which can be due to increased vata and kapha. Increased kapha can manifest in hypothyroidism leading to primary amenorrhea. Other factors such as...