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Recommended Ayurvedic Practitioners

Recommended Ayurvedic Practitioners
The word “Ayurveda” literally means ‘the knowledge of life’. Although the exact age of Ayurveda is not known, it’s thought to span back several millennia. The texts of Ayurveda explain its origin as being a transmission of knowledge upon enlightened beings [rishis] at a time of increased illness and suffering in the world. This transmission of knowledge was solely to help uncover the deepest truths for easing the suffering of mankind.

Recommended Ayurvedic Practitioners

Karen Klutznick Karen Klutznick is a practitioner-level member of the National Ayurvedic Medical Association (NAMA) and professional member of the Association of Ayurvedic Professionals of North America (AAPNA). In 2006, Karen gave up her twenty-two-year career in real-estate development to attend The Ayurvedic Institute as a full-time student. She states, “My job is to help manage your change from one way of life to another, more healthy, one. Don’t worry, I won’t be teaching you to meditate and chant (though I’d love to…it would change the world) unless it’s something you desire!”

Ksanati Newman Ksanāti Newman is  currently offering Vedic Astrology readings by donation. Please private message at Ksanati Jyotish or Like/Comment in his thread if interested.  Ksanāti is trained in the lineage of Mahadev Levine, and Simon Chokoisky. Chart Reading is 75 minutes and will include Birth Chart overview, question and answer, planetary periods/transits, astro cartography, and mantra/gem Recommendations. Advanced readings include Nakshatra, Shri Maharishi Parasara Classic Text Reference and Divisional Chart Analysis.

Khabir Southwick Khabir Southwick Naturopath, M.H., N.T., C.A.S., is an internationally recognized health consultant, Naturopath, Ayurveda health-care practitioner, nutritionist, herbalist, public speaker and author. Khabir maintains a private health-care practice and herb clinic in Ojai (and previously in Santa Barbara), California.  In last 20 years, he has helped thousands of people to naturally overcome a wide range of health conditions and improve their physical and mental well-being with individualized [Ayurvedic] diets, [wholefood] nutritional therapy, [Western & Ayurvedic] herbal treatments and traditional home remedies.

What Is An Ayurvedic Consultation?
Health is not simply the absence of disease, but is a state of balance that provides for wellbeing, clarity, and joy. Ayurveda – “The Science Of Life” is considered to be the longest continuously practiced system of traditional medicine and emphasizes on creating balance in all areas of life. Not only does Ayurveda examine the body but inquires further about daily diet, lifestyle, relationships, stress, and overall sense of well-being.