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Recommended Ayurvedic Practitioners

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The word “Ayurveda” literally means ‘the knowledge of life’. Although the exact age of Ayurveda is not known, it’s thought to span back several millennia. The texts of Ayurveda explain its origin as being a transmission of knowledge upon enlightened beings [rishis] at a time of increased illness and suffering in the world. This transmission of knowledge was solely to help uncover the deepest truths for easing the suffering of mankind.

Recommended Ayurvedic Practitioners

Dr. Mark Vinick Dr. Mark L. Vinick is both a Chiropractor and Holistic Doctor (Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist) in private practice in Redondo Beach, CA. He has successfully treated a wide variety of conditions based on his extensive knowledge of both modern and ancient healing sciences. He incorporates the best of numerous healing modalities: Chiropractic (traditional and non-force), Ayurvedic Medicine, Energy Healing (Shakti Energy Healing), Nutrition, Homeopathy, Marma Therapy, Pain Management, Anti-aging, Stress Reduction Techniques, and Meditation.

Dr. Mukesh Jain
Dr. Jain
of Bhilai was awarded Lifetime Achievement Award in recognition of his care through Ayurvedic research on Neuro-Muscular Diseases and for dissemination evidence based ayurvedic wisdom in international scientific communities world wide. Dr Mukesh Jain is a noted “Ayurvedic Globe Trotter” since 1981 specializing in neuro-muscular diseases with a focus on experimental Panch Karma, Rasayana & yogic therapeutics. He is well known physician, international lecturer, author, researcher, founder of the Academy of Ayurvedic Medical Sciences (India) and Indian Society of Clinical Ayurveda and board member of the Ayush Muscular Dystrophy Society India.

William Courson
William (“Bill”) Courson was director and principal instructor of the Dhanvantari School of Ayurvedic Sciences/New Jersey Institute of Ayurveda, in Montclair, New Jersey and is currently dean of institutional development and a faculty member at the Sai Ayurvedic College of Miami, Florida.. A retired corporate and managerial accountant, he has been a lifelong student and of and writer on the themes of traditional healing, alternative and complementary medicine, spirituality and eastern and western alchemy.

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