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The ancient science of Ayurveda explains three universal qualities; sattva [clarity], rajas [dynamism], and tamas [inertia]. Our mind is an expression of all three qualities, however, our overall tendencies often reflects the predominance of one of these three qualities.

Sattva represents the most brilliant and praise worthy quality of the mind. Sattvic minds are balanced with mental clarity, have clear perception and overall have “peace of mind”. Sattvic individuals have great concentration and are able to pay complete attention to the task at hand. Because of these beneficial qualities, sattvic individuals often have a profound appreciation and zest for life and live a very meaningful life.


  • Spiritual with unconditional love
  • Creative, knowledgeable with clear perception
  • Gentle, loving, and compassionate
  • Honest, peaceful, and forgiving
  • Creative and knowledgable
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