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    LOVE – Mind, Body & Soul
    By Priya Singh
    The vast magnificence of Love is a power that has never been fully understood or explained. It is an idea, a feeling, an ethos, a concept – and it is not tangible. Ev […]

  • Health Benefits Of Mustard Seed
    When mentioning mustard, most of the western world will think of the delicious accompaniment to hot dogs and burgers. However the origins of the mustard seed are well documented […]

  • Making Homemade Ghee
    As a wife and mother, I am always on the lookout for wholesome and healthy food for my family. Having studied Ayurveda – a holistic science dating back thousands of years – I have been abl […]

  • The Wonderfully Interesting Rhubarb
    Rhubarb is a wonderfully interesting vegetable … fruit … herb?  Of course there are many discussions of where to place rhubarb, as it has been classified as both a fruit an […]

    Health Benefits Of Pomegranate
    Revered since ancient times, this bright beautiful red fruit has become well known for its sweet astringent taste and healing properties. It also plays a role in myths and […]


    The Ayurveda Guide: Spring Season
    The shift to springtime weather and energy has begun. Fickle, changing hot-and-cold days send mixed signals to the body. This natural weather flux demands more flexibility i […]

  • Health Benefits Of Ajmoda
    Celery has long been a staple on the list of superfoods and healthy snacks. It is abundant in our diet and is easily available. However, the celery seed is not as well-known as the […]

  • The Story Of Disease
    There’s a fascinating story I’ve heard that describes the “Summary of The Process of Disease Formation,” according to Ayurvedic Medicine. First, disease begins when we forget our true nature. […]

  • Health Benefits Of Lemongrass
    Lemongrass or Bhutrna, which literally means “earth grass”, is an aromatic and flavorful herb which brings excitement and delight to many recipes worldwide. It is a stiff, sharp bla […]

  • Absolute Health With Yoga
    By Priya Singh
    From the moment we begin to exist, our mind and body is absorbing sights, sounds, touch impressions, and emotions. Every single stimulus is recorded in our brain, cells […]


    Saffron ~ The Gold Of Spices 
    Saffron is a widely used and coveted herb. It is amongst one of the more expensive herbs on the market and its uses are extensive. The healing properties and health benefits o […]

  • Delicious & Wholesome “Diamond Dates”
    Ayurvedic remedies, whilst effective, can sometimes be less than joyful to consume. There is no denying the benefits of triphala or trikatu yet tasting them is frequently […]

  • Saturn’s Transit In Sagittarius: Control Of Justice
    Regulation, Restriction, Constriction & Expansion

    Saturn is known as the great controller, and is symbolized as the spiritual force or entity in the universe […]


    The Healing Power Of Spices
    Five magic spices to help improve your respiratory and digestive health

    Eating all the wholesome and healthy foods in the world is of little value if your body is not able to […]


    Masala “Spiced” Chai … 
    Winter is a time when nature’s energy withdraws back unto herself as nature’s many expressions begin to slow down. According to Ayurveda, a person is a miniature reflection of natur […]

  • Mars in Sagittarius: The Higher Self in Action

    The fiery planet Mars can be understood as the force which provides support, strength and welfare in varying forms to all aspects of life and creation. Mars is […]

  • Jupiter: The Guru Planet

    Jupiter is called Guru in Sanskrit, which means Teacher, and relates to Jupiter’s properties of wisdom, expansion, knowledge, and education. Jupiter is also known as Brihaspati, which […]


    Making Health Happen
    There are ideals and there are realities when it comes to health. We almost all know how profoundly different our lives could be if we ate right, exercised regularly, and rested when r […]

  • The Divine Dance of Leo: Mercury’s Visit

    Simha: The Lion Sign
    The constellation Leo is called Simha in sanskrit, which translates to lion. Of all twelve signs in our galaxy, Leo is the only sign which is ruled […]

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    Sustainability In Ayurveda
    Essential Principles and Guidelines By Sarah Devi Otto­-Combs

    While words like “sustainability” and “Ayurveda” have become increasingly popular in recent years, there has been […]

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