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Sharp Digestion

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You undoubtedly have a strong and intense appetite. We can think of this type of digestion and being intense in the beginning but often lacking sustenance to endure the entire process of digestion optimally to completion. More simply, you have the ability to eat large meals, frequently. However, in doing so you will also often experience hyperacidity, and even become vulnerable to having loose stools or diarrhea.

This type of digestion is commonly associated with Pitta types. Pitta types often have a ferocious appetite and are thought to have a sharp and robust digestive ability. These individuals can digest just about anything they eat. Because pitta types have a “sharp” digestion, they can easily become irritable if they suddenly become hungry and there is no food to be had. Therefore, it is important for pitta types to eat on time. Interestingly, pitta types commonly crave hot and spicy food. In fact, “unbalanced” pitta types often have cravings for alcohol, pickles and of course … spices! Therefore, once again, this stresses the importance of pitta types to avoid spicy foods since these individuals are most prone to acid indigestion and heart burn. Therefore, these individuals may want to consider consuming a mildly sour flavor [i.e. buttermilk or even a few drops of lime] to help regulate their hyper secretion of digestive juices. The best flavors to help manage the fiery pitta type? Generally, pitta types do best with sweet, bitter and astringent flavored food which is cool in nature and lightly cooked.

Other Common Associations With Sharp And Intense Digestion:
– heart burn
– acid indigestion
– gastritis
– hypoglycemia
– irritability and anger
– critical and judgmental attitude


Keep in mind that prevention is better than cure. Therefore, your goal should be centered on the maintenance this state of equilibrium.

  • Allow 4-6 hours for proper digestion
  • Eat only when you’re truly hungry
  • Avoid snacking
  • Drink less water during meals
  • Eat calmly in a soothing environment

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