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Kapha individuals are often the most compassionate people with much love, devotion, and loyalty. Kapha types seldom rebel and reflect more the conservative, traditional, or conventional attitude in their behavior and beliefs.


Kapha individuals are usually shorter and more heavy or stocky in build. Commonly they have a larger frame with big bones. Kapha types have abundant thick hair with large beautiful eyes, large eye lashes, and of course large white and attractive teeth.
Kapha types are most vulnerable at gaining weight and therefore more prone to becoming overweight, obese. However, if kapha types can control their weight they are often the longest living and healthiest of all body types. Kapha types are predominantly water and earth and as a result can easily accumulate phlegm manifesting as bronchial or pulmonary disorders.


As mentioned above, kapha individuals are loving and loyal. Kapha types are friendly and often create life long associations. For the most part these individuals are largely content and are the ones most likely to accept things as they are. Balanced kapha types will tend to be romantic and sentimental. Imbalanced kapha types may tend to become more attached with a tinge of dependency.

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