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We can think of Pitta types being predominately of fire and water elements. The fire aspect of pitta makes these individuals bright, illuminating, fiery and even hot-tempered.


Pitta individuals are usually of average height, build and frame and generally possess good health. Pitta types often have well developed muscles along with a great complexion. The reason for this shining complexion is due to an oily quality which can makes these individuals also more prone to acne, rashes, and other inflammatory skin conditions. Shake the hands of a pitta type and you will likely feel a warm hand and perhaps even sweaty. Pitta is predominately of fire element and therefore pitta types sweat easily and prefer all things which are cooling.


Pitta individuals are characterized as being highly intelligent, perceptive, with an uncanning ability for discrimination. Pitta types have a sharp intellect, great comprehension and ability for understanding along with a competitive streak. It is because of these qualities that pitta types are high achievers, leaders, and quite successful in achieving their respective endeavors. Due to their competitive nature, pitta individuals can also have a fiery temper and at times can become domineering.


Pitta types possess a healthy and robust appetite and despite the ability to eat excessively their weight often remains moderate. Due to the predominant fire quality, pitta types are prone to acid indigestion and heart burn. Pitta types are as punctual as they come and the surest way to make a pitta individual irritable is to have them miss a meal.

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