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Being a Vata type you undoubtedly are an active and energetic individual. If there were ever a need for speed it’s specific for Vata individuals. Plain and simple, Vata types enjoy running, flying and movement of all types. Due to all this active energy from within, Vata individuals are often most vulnerable from overwork, over exercise and tend to overextend themselves, often beyond the scope of their physical structure.


Vata people are often taller individuals who commonly have a thin build, muscles not as well-developed as compared to the other two main types [pitta, kapha] and often find it hard to gain weight. Got dry skin? I thought so. Vata types often have dry, cracked or even rough skin. This makes perfect sense. After all, vata has predominant qualities of dry, rough, and cold qualities which we will discuss later.


Vata people are often quite talkative and overall can be great conversationalists as they have a remarkable ability of grasping many different points of view. However, because vata types are knowledgeable of many different points of view they can easily become indecisive as to “what is right and what is wrong”. Vata types are able to grasp things very quickly and most often have great short term memory but not-so-great long term memory. A well developed vata mind is agile making vata types great intellects. However, if the individual vata lacks this agile nature of the mind this can make the individual spacey at times of ungroundedness. When this agile nature of the vata mind is well developed, vata types can be great intellects and scholars. On the other hand, if there is too much flexibility of the mind without enough structure this can make the vata mind spacey and at times, ungrounded.

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