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The ancient science of Ayurveda explains three universal qualities; sattva [clarity], rajas [dynamism], and tamas [inertia]. Our mind is an expression of all three qualities, however, our overall tendencies often reflects the predominance of one of these three qualities.

Rajas represents the dynamic movement of the mind and reflects the ever changing and excitable qualities of the mind. Rajasic types are ambitious and very goal oriented. However, because of the ever changing quality of the mind, rajasic minds often begin fully committed to their tasks but the commitment often subsides over time. Rajasic types are very determined and if resistance is felt, these individuals can become quickly irritable. Although rajasic types are forgiving, they are not forgetting. Therefore, when dealing with a rajasic individual, never mistake their kindness for weakness. These individuals are very strong-willed, determined, and have a dynamic perspective on life.


  • Ambitious and very determined
  • Dynamic expressions
  • Competitive and knowledgable
  • Fast movements, can be hyperactive
  • Overall satisfied with life but quickly irritable
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