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The ancient science of Ayurveda explains three universal qualities; sattva [clarity], rajas [dynamism], and tamas [inertia]. Our mind is an expression of all three qualities, however, our overall tendencies often reflects the predominance of one of these three qualities.

Tamas represents the inertial quality of the mind. Often this reflects the more dull presentation of the mind which may not welcome new experiences with enthusiasm. Tamas types may find great benefit by introducing a spiritual practice [i.e. meditation] into their life. The law of inertia explains that objects at rest will remain at rest until another force acts upon it. This explains the nature of the tamas mind, it wants to rest and does not like change. Therefore, tamas types willingly need to learn how to develop this understanding and use it to their advantage. After all, once the right momentum is initiated the inertial beneficial qualities will help to transform the lives of tamas types into a more meaningful and gratifying experience.


  • Consider spiritual practices [i.e. meditation & yoga]
  • Forgive more and love more
  • Incorporate a more healthy diet
  • Avoid sleeping during the day
  • Cultivate an attitude of gratitude
  • Most importantly, be happy
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