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Aggravated Kapha

Ayurveda Guide For Spring Season [Vasanta]

  Ayurveda Guide For Spring Season   Spring is a time of new beginnings. This is a time when nature comes to life. This is a time when it begins to warm from the freezing cold of the previous winter.   Ayurveda explains that “accumulated kapha” from late winter which solidified due to extreme cold now begins to liquefy by the warmth of spring which, consequently decreases Agni — which then, may cause various digestive conditions along with other numerous health conditions. This can be likened to the snow which develops upon mountain tops. As the snow melts, this floods the valley below. Similarly, kapha which developed and solidified due to the extreme cold of winter now begins to melt and begins to flood various regions of the body. This tends to impair digestion and manife...