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Autumn Seasonal Tips

Ayurvedic Autumn Tips + Stewed Apple Recipe & Masala Chai [VIDEO]

  Ayurvedic Autumn Tips According to Ayurveda, the transition between two seasons is considered a time to be most careful in order to remain balanced. That said, if you’re feeling a little unbalanced about now, know that it’s not just you, but instead, is the rhythm of life. Let us therefore consider some simple ways to help remain balanced while transitioning into Autumn. Autumn = Increase In Vata Modern culture often leaves us “vata-aggravated”. One moment we are in front of a computer screen, the next moment on the phone and a moment later driving to work for another day of hustle-bustle. All this, according to Ayurveda is vata provoking. When we think of vata we should think of motion. Very simply, we can think of vata as being all that drives activity and movement within the body...