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Ayurvedic Daily Routine: Oleation + Self Massage [Abhyanga]

  Ayurvedic Daily Routine – Oleation & Abhyanga Ayurveda takes pride in oleation therapy where we can apply oil to every part of our body, inside and out. As we enter into Vata Season we enter into a period of dryness and coldness. The quality is light and we can feel ungrounded. Due to the dryness and coldness the orifices, especially those that are exposed to the elements are susceptible to these qualities and become compromised causing various conditions and creating a forum for disease to start. The first line of defense of the body is the skin. It covers us from head to toe and lines all the orifices; eye, ears, nose, digestive tract from mouth to rectum.  Ayurveda suggests that we keep these areas lubricated throughout the winter for our protection and immunity. Regula...