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Ayurveda Tips Bowel Habits

The Breath, Poop & Weight Test

  The Breath, Poop & Weight Test It’s hard to be sexy when you’re sick. Though our noses are not nearly as sensitive as those of many animals, humans are still wired to sniff out when people are not well… and to avoid them. But the reverse is also true: radiant health is very attractive, to both men and women, and it make sense to cultivate it if for nothing else but to attract a quality partner. There is an aphorism that says: “The root of dharma, prosperity, enjoyment, and freedom is good health. Diseases take this away, as well as goodness and life itself.” This reminder of how important health is not only to love and romance, but practically every area of life comes from the āyurvedic author Charaka. Health stands as an asset and disease is a liability to achieving our goals, ...