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Ayurvedic Herb Shatavari

Shatavari – An Excellent Female Tonic

Shatavari – An Excellent Female Tonic Shatavari is a very popular pitta pacifying herb. It is referred to as  “the woman who has a hundred husbands” and thereby suggestive of its properties of being an effective female reproductive system herb. However it can elevate kapha but pacifies vata, so its use must be carefully monitored. It is a tonic and a nutritive and it is also has wonderful anti-inflammatory effects. As a rejuvenative herb, it is especially helpful in cases of female reproductive debility, stomach ulcers and dehydration. Contraindications include high ama, excess mucous and also breast cancer/ fibroid tumors. GREAT VIDEO ON SHATAVARI GHEE FOR WOMEN’S SUPPORT: By Dr Monica B Groover of San Diego College of Ayurveda Properties: Shatavari is a heavy and oily herb an...