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Ayurvedic Recipes For Fall

Ayurvedic Nutrition Tips For Autumn + Wilted Greens Lentil Soup Recipe

  Ayurvedic Nutrition Tips For Autumn Autumn brings shorter days, longer nights, and cooler weather which invites a new menu of seasonally appropriate foods – ultimately to keep the body well-balanced. Autumn is considered a transition period characteristic of being dry, light, cool, rough and windy – all which naturally increase vata conditions [i.e. dry skin, constipation, arthritis, stiffness of the joints, rheumatism]. Seasonal Considerations For Autumn: – eat warming, soothing, and easily digestible meals – eat foods which are primarily sweet, sour and salty in taste – drink warming herbal teas such as ginger, cinnamon and cardamom tea – keep warm and stay out of strong winds – do regular yoga, meditation, and pranayama breathing exercises Ayurvedic Recipe For “Tridos...