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Ayurvedic Tips To Improve Digestion

The Six Tastes Of Food – An Ayurvedic Perspective + 5 Quick Tips For Digestion

The Six Tastes Of Food Have you ever wondered why when we are sick we often lose our sense of taste and even have a diminished appetite? The science of Ayurveda explains an interesting relationship between taste, appetite, and the power of digestion. Often we simply connect tastes and flavor with enjoyment value rather than connecting tastes with its corresponding therapeutic value. Ayurveda has a simple yet elegant explanation for all of this and even provides a correlation which considers the natural order of these six tastes and the corresponding stages of digestion, as we shall discuss below. The Six Tastes: Although food should most certainly should be flavorful and delightful – we should also consider the therapeutic effects which food has upon both the body and mind. The six t...