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“Beet The Heat” ~ Beet Recipe

  Beet The Heat By Deepika Dabhi Oh my goodness. Does it feel like the sun is following you for the last two days? Do you feel like you’re melting? As of few hours ago my phone sent a heat wave alert … second day in a row! The headline for SoCal News today reads: “Winds Pick Up as San Diego County Is in 2nd Day of Extreme Heat”. My immediate thought was, “Well, there goes my dinner plan.” Followed by one inevitable question I think that unites all mothers, fathers or anyone who is in-charge of the kitchen … “What am I going to cook tonight?” The original recipe was inspired by my own variation of Gazpacho that I like to make with watermelon, tomato, and cucumber during the hot summer days. However, as the season as transitioned, Mama Earth has  also...