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Delectable And Delicious Rose Flavored Treats

Delectable And Delicious Rose Flavored Treats The beauty of the rose is seconded only by its healing properties. In Ayurveda the rose, more specifically the Damascus rose, is used for more than just perfumes. In foods it makes a delicious yet cooling accompaniment and as it has an affinity for the skin, it can also be used in a paste (lepas), along with sandalwood and fennel, to help in excess heat. As an essential oil it has nervine, antidepressant, antiseptic and aphrodisiac properties amongst others. In India a jam (Gulkand) is prepared using the rose petals and sugar. It is a simple recipe that involves layering of the petals and the sugar in a glass jar and leaving out in the sun for 10 days. Gulkand is a cooling and tasty treat to help balance the body during the summer months. Organ...