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Cardamom For Urinary Disorders

Health Benefits Of Cardamom

  Health Benefits Of Cardamom One of the most common spices seen in an Indian household is ‘Elaichi’ or cardamom. If black pepper is considered the king of spices then cardamom is considered the queen of spices; one of the most valued spice in the world. Cardamom comes from the Zingiberaceae family and has a unique strong camphor-like aroma and has a sweet yet spicy flavor. Ayurvedic texts describe two types of Cardamom namely suksma [small cardamom]; “true cardamom”, and brihat [big cardamom]. While cardamom seeds are commonly used as spices they are also used as medicine. Not only does Cardamom add a sweet unique flavor to your dishes, it adds a lot more – health wise. According to the US Department of Agriculture and the National Database for Standard Reference, cardamom is rich in...