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Cough Remedy

Sitopaladi – The Sweet Cough Remedy

    Sitopaladi – The Sweet Cough Remedy Sitopaladi is an ayurvedic formulation made up of five main constituents. The name Sitopaladi indicates the sweet rock candy it contains. It works primarily as an expectorant and is therefore particularly beneficial during the seasonal changes that bring a rise in colds and flus. Sitopaladi also works as an antiasthmatic, febrifuge and a diaphoretic. It is therefore useful during shortness of breath and bronchitis as it helps to clear the congestion and allows prana to flow when it is obstructed by excess mucus and sputum. Clear Throat Clear Throat is a fast-acting formula that cools and soothes the throat, and aids in removing impurities from the respiratory system. Properties Sitopaladi is a light, oily herb and has a sweet, pungent...