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Dashamula – “The Ten Roots” – A Potent Ayurvedic Formula

Dashamula – “The Ten Roots” Dashamula is an ayurvedic formulation made up of ten herbs. The name Dashamula translates to ‘The ten roots’ and it is a potent ayurvedic formula. It is particularly beneficial to disorders of the nervous system and lungs. It is also frequently used as an enema as it helps to alleviate constipation, lower back conditions and inflammation in the pelvic and sacral areas. Dashamula has expectorant, nervine, analgesic and febrifuge actions. It directs the air and space elements in the body to flow downward and alleviates most nervine disorders associated with weakness, debility and pain. It is particularly effective in tremors, sciatica and parkinsons. Dashamula is also used in cases of dry coughs associated with respiratory weakness. Properties: D...