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Masala “Spiced” Chai + Ayurvedic Tips For Winter

  Masala “Spiced” Chai …  Winter is a time when nature’s energy withdraws back unto herself as nature’s many expressions begin to slow down. According to Ayurveda, a person is a miniature reflection of nature and winter represents a time for much needed restoration. Even more reason to treat yourself to the warming qualities of delicious and yummy masala “spiced” chai. INGREDIENTS: – Ginger, 1 TSP finely shredded – Cardamom, 7 whole seeds – Clove, 1/2 whole clove – Cinnamon – Milk, 1.5 Cup – Sugar, 1 TSP – Orange Pekoe Tea, 2 TSP ~Winter Tips~ Generally, the food we eat during winter season should be warming, nourishing, and mildly spicy. Likewise, we should avoid cold food and flavors which are excessively sweet, sour, or salty as these are all considered “kapha pro...