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Health Benefits Of Rhubarb

Healthy & Delicious ~ Rhubarb Berry Crumble Recipe

The Wonderfully Interesting Rhubarb Rhubarb is a wonderfully interesting vegetable … fruit … herb?  Of course there are many discussions of where to place rhubarb, as it has been classified as both a fruit and vegetable. It is, however, an ancient plant that was originally imported from China and Tibet. It has an incredibly tart taste, because of which, it is frequently used with sweet dishes and is therefore classified as a fruit. However, technically it is a vegetable and has been used popularly as such around the world. The rhubarb plant is a perennial which grows most abundantly in the Himalayans. The root of the rhubarb is used for medicinal and dietary purposes. However care must be taken when using the leaves – they are known to be poisonous. There are certain precautions to b...