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The Three Pillars Of Good Health ~ An Ayurvedic Perspective

The Three Pillars Of Good Health  There is nothing as important in life in making a radical change within the body, mind, and consciousness than establishing a healthy routine in daily life. Ayurveda is a science of good health. Its first objective is to preserve health of the healthy individual. Charaka [the founder of ayurvedic medicine] has summed up beautifully the whole technique of how to promote a healthy lifestyle in two lines. “Nityam hitahara-vihara-sevi samikshyakari vishayeshvasaktah Data samah satyaparah kshamavan aptopasevi cha bhavati arogah” – Charaka Samhita Translation: A person who practices regularly a wholesome lifestyle, eats wholesome food, is deliberate in all his actions, not involved in the objects of the mind [i.e. overindulgence in sense pleasures], who is...