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Help Reduce Blood Sugar Naturally

Gurmar – The Sugar Destroyer

Gurmar – The Sugar Destroyer Gurmar is one of the most prevalent ayurvedic herbs for diabetes. Also known as Shardunika the name Gurmar translates to ‘destroyer of sugar’ and thereby suggestive of its properties as being an effective herb for balancing blood sugar levels. It can increase the light, air and space qualities in the body and so its use must be carefully monitored, particularly in cases of hypoglycemia and heart conditions, as it can also stimulate the heart. Despite having strong diuretic, antidiabetic and hypocholesterolemic properties it is a rejuvenative herb which is effective in reducing the hot, sharp, liquid and heavy qualities in the body. Properties: Gurmar is a light, dry herb and has a bitter and astringent taste with a cooling effect in the body. Its post dig...