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Herbs To Improve The Brain

How To Reduce Stress & Improve The Sense Of Wellbeing

  How To Reduce Stress  There is no event in life which is intrinsically stressful. However, stress by which we mean psychological stress may not be any more “real” than any other thought within the mind. Likewise, not all stress is considered equal and not all stress need be harmful. For example, it’s only natural to feel the excitement about an upcoming event [i.e. your wedding] while at the same time feel nervous. Interestingly, this motivated yet stressful state of the mind is sometimes referred to as eustress, or “good stress” which may be beneficial for meaningful and purposeful action. However, if this state of stress or heightened state of arousal goes unchecked – we often can feel stressed out! “Wherever a thought goes, a chemical goes with it.” – Deepak Chopra Tu...