Mars In Sagittarius: The Higher Self In Action

Mars in Sagittarius: The Higher Self in Action

Mars In SagittariusThe fiery planet Mars can be understood as the force which provides support, strength and welfare in varying forms to all aspects of life and creation. Mars is known as Kuja in sanskrit which means the fair one, hinting at Mars passion towards fairness, honesty and truth.

Mars: Action, Energy, and Support
Mars is also referred to as Bhaumaya in sanskrit which notes Mars as being the son of the earth. Mars is also known as Mangalaya which translates as the auspicious one. Many astrologers consider Mars to be a malicious or malefic force, which basically means that it causes difficulty, negativity or challenges on the physical realm. Personally in my work as an astrologer I have observed and analyzed all the amazing value and benefit that Mars can provide to the universe, as well as each individual, and would not deem the divine Bhaumaya dark, malefic, or negative as a generalization. Kuja is a force that depending on its position and dignity can cause extremely positive empowering supportive results or intensely destructive effects.

When Mars aligns itself in high dignity, such as an exaltation or positioned in a friendly sign, it provides an incredible amount of strength, passion, intensity, courage and support to whichever areas of life it might be influencing. Contrarily, when Mars is debilitated, in enemy position or has heavily malefic aspects it removes this type of spiritual support and causes loss of strength and has often been known to encourage accidents, aggressiveness, violence, unkindness, dishonor and dishonesty. Mars when in a positive position can be of the greatest support towards physical and spiritual progress but when challenged can truly limit our potential for growth, especially on the spiritual plane.

"Strength, Passion, Intensity, Courage" 

Mars also represents both energy and action. Mars' relationship to both energy and action is integral in the full realization of the awesomeness and power of The Divine Kujaya. If Mars does not provide the energy we need in our lives it will be impossible to accomplish everything one wishes to accomplish both on the physical and spiritual realm. In other words, if it was not for Mars providing the energy and support to the universe there would be no progression or advancement in life, as well as a lack of energy to investigate everything in life that the soul desires to investigate. Our curiosities would be left unfulfilled and unexplored. There is an intimate relationship between energy and action and if we do not have energy we cannot take any actions. Mars can be honored and appreciated for providing these things in a potent and fiery manner. It is because of this divine necessity for support, energy and action that Mars should be honored with great reverence, appreciation and respect.

Sagittarius: Directions Towards Our Highest Self 
Sagittarius is a sign which is ruled by the divine guru planet Jupiter and therefore carries very potent positive energy. Jupiter is considered the most beneficial planet overall by most astrologers and similarly Jupiter's signs carry potent positive beneficial energies. One of the primary energies that comes out of Sagittarius is an alignment with our highest self. Sagittarius naturally seeks to elevate and expand our lower animal self with our highest spiritual self. A concrete way of understanding this concept is to relate it to the themes of values, character, ethics and morals. In other words every soul at the deepest of levels has an extremely profound ethical and moral code or character. This ethical and moral code is associated with profound values and lends to us reaching the highest potential within our character or identity.

Every single person on this earth has the potential to be in alignment with their highest version of their character or identity. Every single persona on this earth has the potential to be in alignment with an extremely profound ethical, and moral code. It is the divine auspicious sign of Sagittarius that allows us to align with our moral and ethical potential in this lifetime and therefore is deeply interconnected to our spiritual evolution in general. Sagittarius is the bhava, or energy, that reveals to us on the deepest of levels what our moral and ethical beliefs are; which values we emphasize and prioritize and our ability to align ourselves with this highest version of ourselves. Sagittarius not only reveals to us what our highest moral and ethical values are but creates the expansion and space that allows us to align to these ideals which resonate with us at the deepest of levels, at the level of the soul.

Another extremely potent energy relating to Sagittarius is striving for freedom and fairness in every aspect of life, especially relating to humanity. As mentioned above Sagittarius is attempting to align us with our highest self and this energy trickles down into what we find for the universe and Earth as well. Sagittarius wants humanity to be aligned with their highest potential; each human to be aligned with his or her positive spiritual potential. In order for humanity to be expand towards its full potential, the themes of freedom and fairness must be emphasized, prioritized and aligned with.

Therefore, Sagittarius also encourages a potent spiritual emphasis on striving for freedom and fairness in all aspects of our lives and wanting to see that freedom and fairness on a global scale as well. Sagittarius is a fire sign so it will encourage power and passion to these areas, supporting the fight for freedom and fairness which is pejoratively known as justice.

Mars and Jupiter: Symbiosis 
Mars and Jupiter have a divine and incredibly friendly relationship and are completely necessary towards each other. It is by its mere nature a symbiotic relationship and therefore each supports the other in a complete and wholesome way. Mars entered the Jupiter ruled sign of Sagittarius on September 18th 2016 and will remain in this auspicious alignment until November 1st 2016. The symbiotic relationship between Jupiter and Mars hints powerfully as to the favorable nature of the transit of Mars in Sagittarius. Jupiter represents our alignment to our highest self, which relates to Jupiter's title of Guru, which in its natures represents a teacher or enlightened or realized individual.

Our alignment to our inner guru is based on a spiritual or divine knowledge or intuition. True knowledge and intuition are incredible aspects of life and without them there would be no ability to connect to our highest self or to even to understand what the higher self is or how it manifests. However, knowledge and spiritual intuition never become wisdom until that higher knowledge and intuition are put into action. It is Jupiter that helps create this higher knowledge and intuition, but it is the magnificent Mangalaya that creates wisdom through action. When our higher knowledge and intuition are embodied and put into action that is when it actually becomes wisdom. Truly what good is any knowledge of intuition if cannot be put into action? We have Mars to thank for this transformation of knowledge into Wisdom and it is this divine auspicious relationship that allows Mars transit in Sagittarius to be so favorable and auspicious.

"Now We Know. Now We Act."

Sagittarius Aligns With Mars:
Sagittarius clearly reveals to us through intuition and knowledge what our highest moral and ethical character is, which values are the most important for our spiritual expansion and inherently what our highest character or identity is. When Mars entered Sagittarius it allows the highest ethical and moral caliber to be embodied and put into action. In other words, we may know what our highest moral and ethical values are, but we may not be able to embody these values and put them into action so they can support something other than ourselves. Many people on Earth carry around this mentality of "do what I say, not what I do."

The reason for this is because while many people know what their morals and ethics are, they consistently fall short of their own standard. They may be learned or know intuitively what is right and what is wrong in their highest self, but still on a daily basis struggle with the ability to live life by their own intuition or knowledge. This is the perfect example of the adage "you are your own worst enemy" because to have knowledge or intuition but an inability to use it causes great destruction, sadness and suffering. It creates the space for what Ayurveda calls pragnaparada, known as a crime against wisdom.

A great example of how this type of energy manifest is someone may know they are an alcoholic and that drinking corrupts them morally, ethically and spiritually,but they might continue to drink because they don't have the strength to quit or get the support they need. In the above example we have someone who has awareness that the alcohol is preventing an alignment with their spiritual growth and corrupting them morally, but nonetheless their daily use of it continues. Intuition or knowledge without action can be extremely painful and full of suffering and Mars' transit in Sagittarius is the antidote to this destructive energy. Mars being in Sagittarius allows our higher moral and ethical knowledge and intuition to be embodied and put into action, therefore we become wiser, more realized and supportive beings.

Similarly we may have knowledge what is free, fair and just but due to inaction nothing is done to help create a more free, fair and just world. Mars in Sagittarius will allow us to take our knowledge of what is free, fair and just and put it into embodiment and action. In a sense, everyone becomes a freedom fighter seeking justice in the world and if aligned to their higher self will be able to create more justice, freedom and fairness in the world through their actions. Mars in Sagittarius is the alignment that allows for the complete transformation into our inner guru especially in terms of morals, as well as striving for freedom, fairness and justice in our lives and the world.

This is a highly auspicious time for allowing knowledge and intuition to become wisdom through action and it is with this wisdom we provide support for the entire universe. This is a very special time to be in gratitude that there is space to become our highest selves and through honoring these energies of putting the higher self into action the world, planet and universe becomes their highest selves as well.

Please Find Traditional Mars Mantra Here:

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Mercury Enters Debilitation in Pisces: The Great Mind-Spirit Debate

The Great Mind-Spirit Debate
Mercury is truly an intelligent and intellectual planet, and from this nature of mercury comes incredible abilities and skill that relate to communication, writing, and speaking. Mercury also rules our intellectual capacity and discriminating capacity called Buddhi, in Sanskrit. Beyond its communicative abilities it also has an incredible ability for calculating, and anything that requires a intellectual or intelligent thought process in general. Therefore, Mercury can be said to rule all aspects of our consciousness which are inherently logical, rational, scientific, and therefore all thinking patterns which come from these aspects.

"The Transition" ...
On Saturday March 19th Mercury left its current residence in the sign of Aquarius, and transited into the Jupiter owned sign of Pisces. Based on the ancient Vedic literature it is said that Mercury enters a state of ultimate debilitation when it enters the sign of Pisces. This shift of Mercury into its debilitated state will remain until April 3rd when it leaves Pisces and enters the Mars own sign of Aries. This means several things, on one aspect you will see a conflict between Mercury and Jupiter manifesting and expressing, specifically because of Mercury’s relationship to Pisces which is owned by Jupiter. Additionally, you will also see general debilitated issues with Mercury, and therefore general weakness and Mercury related conflict and illness can arise.

Mercury's Discomfort In Pisces
Some general aspects of how this shift manifests may include an intense thinking or hyperactive thinking in general because of Mercury's discomfort in Pisces. Additionally many of these thoughts can come from a place of worry, nervousness, and fear of failure. One of the surfacing questions might be why is this incredibly intelligent planet Mercury go through such trouble, in connection with Jupiter, and specifically Pisces. The reason is quite metaphysical, mystical, and spiritual. Jupiter, called Guru, or Gurudeva in Sanskrit is honored in Jyotish at the Guru of The God's because of his divine wisdom and his deep knowledge of ancient spiritual wisdom, mantra, and Vedic scripture. In all senses, Jupiter rules the Higher Mind, A.K.A. the “Spiritual Mind”, and also known as the spiritual intuitive mind.

While the moon has strong connotation of intuition, the intuitive nature of the moon comes from emotions, as well as reflective capacity. Jupiter, however has a certain divine type of intuition, a spiritual type of intuition that comes from ancient spiritual wisdom, past lives, the teaching of a Guru, and our highest spiritual self, the guru inside of us. Jupiter's higher wisdom also has the ability to be a channel in which higher wisdom and knowledge in channeled from a divine spiritual source, something that is beyond the mind, something that is beyond logic, and something that is beyond rationale. This is getting at the root of the inherent conflict or issues that arise when Jupiter and Mercury are in deep interaction, because true spiritual wisdom and divine intuition cannot be understood, expressed, or communicated in a consciousness that is coming from logic, rationale, or intellect. It is also true that something that is inherently intellectual, rational, or logical can not be explained from a place of spiritual intuition, or inherent divine wisdom. This conflict of Jupiter and Mercury is particularly exacerbated when Mercury enters the Jupiter sign of Pisces.

Screen Shot 2016-03-19 at 6.47.53 AMPisces - The Water Sign
Pisces is a water sign and relates to the Ayurvedic Dosha Kapha, and so right off the bat you have an elemental disturbance when the water of Pisces mixes with the Primary element of Mercury which is Air, and the Ayurvedic Dosha of Vata. On a metaphysical level Pisces represents a concept of the bridge between the higher spiritual realm and the earth, and generally this energy gravitates towards the higher philosophical and spiritual realms, and unless the Pisces is evolved or mature at a soul level, might neglect the physical realm. While Pisces is highly mystical, intuitive, and deeply engaged and excited by spiritual concepts, it can be disconnected from the earthly consciousness and realm, and can seem detached or disinterested in worldly manners. Mercury however has a very contrary energy to this, it is very much engaged and excited by intellectual, and logical or relational concepts. Additionally, Mercury is very much interested in its social, earthly, and career related connections, and does not inherently resonate with spiritual, philosophical, or mystical concepts.
Some Final Thoughts
In conclusion, the divine intuitive wisdom of Jupiter and particularly Pisces does not resonate with the rational logical intellectual nature of Mercury and therefore will remain in a debilitated state from March 19 to April 3rd. The full implications of this dramatic shift were discussed in detail in this article, particularly referencing the relationship between Jupiter to Mercury, and The relationship between Mercury and the Jupiter owned astrological sign of Pisces. Additionally it is important to mention that because Mercury is in debilitation it will reflect difficult aspects as it relates to Mercury, and these effects can be deemed more malefic or challenging than we fear whenever we hear that Mercury has gone into retrograde, a debilitation is more troubling condition. General affects include issues relating to communication, technology, writing, planning, and organization. More specifically however because of Pisces this energy will result as a serious conflict or debate between the higher spiritual intuitive mind, and the more rational, logical, and intellectual mind.

In results to remediation for this conflict it is best to honor Jupiter and Mercury as separate individual entities and empowering them to their fullest potential individually without confusing their energies, because when we bring our logic or middle mind, and try to bring it into harmony with our spiritual intuitive or higher mind we can face many conflicts including worry, nervousness, and general inclination to try to compartmentalize, communicate, explain, or understand what is inherently beyond all logic, and rational, that which is inherently divine or spiritual or higher wisdom or intuition.

Emphasizing proper devotion and honoring to our higher spiritual self, our inner guru and the higher Wisdom without a need to compartmentalize, intellectualize, or rationalize the nature or content of that spiritual wisdom is highly encouraged during this shift. Especially since the proclivity to compartmentalize and rationalize and bring logic to these higher spiritual truths and intuition is heavy during this time, it is an especially important to employ devotion and honor of our Guru's both our teachers in this lifetime as well as our inner guru in hopes of saving our brain from thinking about, or attempting to understand something that cannot be understood through the middle mind, the logic mind, the rational mind, the Mercury mind. It is highly encouraged during this time period to properly honor and bring balance to these energies by honoring both Mercury and Jupiter on their given day of the week, as unique divine entities that both have their proper time for expression, integration, and manifestation. However it is during this shift of Mercury into Pisces where integration of these two distinct energies is on a universal level, the most challenging.

Mercury Mantra
Mercury Mantra should be performed on Wednesday wearing the color green, the metal silver, and the gem Emerald. Please find the mantra being performed here:


Shri Mercury Mantra W/ Seed Sounds. It is Highly Auspicious to Participate In/Listen to Mercury Mantra on Wednesday. This Mantra Brings Communication, Expression, Investigation, Intelligence, Discernment, and Focus!

Posted by Kṣaṇāti Jyotish on Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Jupiter Mantra
Jupiter Mantra should be performed on Thursday wearing the color yellow, the metal gold, and the gem yellow sapphire.

Shri Jupiter Guru Mantra W/ Seed Sounds. A Hymn to Jupiter. This Mantra Brings Deep Expansion, as Well as Integration, and Application of Wisdom. This Mantra Also Brings Higher Teachings, Knowledge of Ancient Texts, as Well as Abundance and Comfort.

Posted by Kṣaṇāti Jyotish on Thursday, February 18, 2016

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Saturn and Mars in Scorpio - A Time of Radical Surrender!

A Time of Radical Surrender!
The planet Mars is known in Sanskrit as Kuja which refers to burning coals. This planet’s fiery nature represents all aspects of determination, courage, intensity, and that which we commit our energy too. Mars actually in itself represents pure energy and whenever Mars is involved all of our energy goes towards that area in which mars is involved. Today Mars joined the planet Saturn in the sign of Scorpio which is ruled by Mars. This affect of the shift lasts until September 18 2016 but there is a break from the shift during June 18-July 12 in which Mars we will be back in libra. However, on July 12th Mars will return to its conjunction with Saturn. Saturn is the planet which rules surrender, service, and virtue. There is no true surrender or virtue in this life without spiritual work with Saturn. The conjunction of Mars and Saturn in Scorpio empowers the Mars energy and relates it to Saturn. Thereby, bringing all qualities of Mars which include intensity, fire, determination, energy, support, and physical action to these Saturnal spiritual concepts of virtue, development and surrender. Thereby, through the conjunction of Mars and Saturn in Scorpio the cosmos is wholeheartedly encouraging this Idea of radical surrender as a universal consciousness.

Saturn In Scorpio 
Saturn in Scorpio

Saturn's day is Saturday, color is blue, metal is iron, and gem is blue sapphire. Saturn rules the astrological signs of Capricorn, and Aquarius.

Mantra For Saturn

Shri Shani Saturn Mantra W/ Seed Sounds. A Hymn to Saturn.

Posted by Kṣaṇāti Jyotish on Saturday, February 6, 2016

For divine Saturn auspiciousness. May this mantra bring You perseverance, order, structure, and discipline. May this mantra be your medicine in all delay, chaos, and adversity. May this mantra bring us closer to sustenance of a spiritual life, and humble, deep and earnest Surrender.

Mars In Scorpio
Mars In Scorpio

The gems for Mars are red coral and carnelian, and the metal is gold. His day is Tuesday, and red, orange, and pink are his colors.

Mantra For Mars

It is Highly Auspicious and Beneficial for a Relationship with Mars to Listen/Perform Mars Mantra. It Bears Strength, Welfare, Support, Determination, Investigation, and Transformation.

Posted by Kṣaṇāti Jyotish on Tuesday, February 2, 2016

For Martian auspiciousness. may this mantra bring courage, energy, passion, intensity, and action. May it also bring protection to those who need protection, and support to all those who defend justice and truth.

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