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Amrit Kalash – The Nectar Of Immortality & The Queen Of Ayurvedic Formulas

  Amrit Kalash – The Nectar Of Immortality According to Indian mythology, during the ancient of times there was much suffering amongst humanity. The gods and demons [Devas & Asuras] got together and made a solemn oath to help resolve the origin of all suffering. Together they entered the depths of the ocean and churned the water to produce the most precious gift – Amrit Kalash. Amrit Kalash is thought to be the ambrosial gift to bring about health and happiness for all of humanity. Amrit Kalash Traditional ayurvedic formula of 13 herbs that supports the health of mind, brain, and nerves; increases vitality and inner strength; powerful antioxidant — research shows it to be up to 1,000 times more effective than vitamins C and E The Queen Of All Ayurvedic Formulas Amrit K...