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Improving Digestion

Avoid Allergies While Transitioning Into Spring Season

  Transitioning Into Spring Season The transition between seasons welcomes a new change and this new change invites a different way of life from the old season by entering afresh into the next season. Spring is a season of growth and new potential. In fact, spring is considered the king of all seasons. Of relevance, in the Bhagavad Gita – 11th chapter, Krishna while stating his strength says, “among all the trees I am the sacred pippala [Bodhi tree] and of the season – I am Spring.” This is because spring is the season in which all of nature wakes up as the birds sing, flowers bloom, and people generally feel energized as we emerge from winter. In essence, spring is a time of growth and a time to begin a new lifestyle. However, before adapting to a new way of life, we must...