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Kutki – A Popular Liver Tonic

Kutki – A Popular Liver Tonic Kutki (katuka) is a popular liver tonic herb. Although its name means ‘pungent’ it also has a strong bitter taste. It grows at high altitudes in the Himalayas and is also known as ‘Dhanvantarigrasta’ because it was said to be consumed by Dhanvantari (father of Ayurveda). It pacifies excess heat in the body due to its antinflammatory properties.  It is a light and dry herb and therefore can increase these qualities in the body; hence its use must be carefully monitored. Kutki works especially well with diseases related to the liver and has antibacterial and expectorant properties. As it also works on the immune system by stimulating it, it is sometimes said to be contraindicated in certain autoimmune diseases. Actions: Kutki has several ayurvedic actions ...