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Major Causes Of Disease

“Prajnaparadha” – Is Ignorance The Root Cause Of All Disease?

  Is Ignorance The Root Cause Of All Disease? Man is a trinity of body, mind, and Soul and life as a whole is designed to promote human happiness, health, and growth. That said, the question naturally arises – what is the root cause of disease? According to Ayurveda, disease is often the end result of a long process and can actually be detected and addressed at the early stage of development; hence prevention being better than a cure. More simply, disease is an imbalance. Ayurveda explains that the disease process begins with disturbances in the balance of the doshas; i.e. bodily humors. “Health results from the natural, balanced state of the doshas. Therefore, the wise try to keep them in their balanced state.” – Charak Samhita   “Ignorance Is Not Bliss.” We email. We goog...