Think Yourself Healthy & Happy


Think Yourself Healthy & Happy
We’ve all heard the saying, “You are what you eat.” While this certainly has some truth in it, an even deeper level of examination reveals that we are what we think. For thousands of years the great Yogis and Vaidyas (Ayurvedic physicians) have observed the nature of the mind-body relationship. What they analyzed, understood, and taught was the direct, undeniable, interconnected matrix of our thought process creating either health or dis-ease. Fast forward approximately 5000 years to today…here we are in a fast-paced, technologically-driven, goal-oriented, productivity-based society; striving to get ahead, make more money, look younger and feel more relaxed. Stress has an impact on our well being, on our nervous system, blood pressure, and every system of the body, not to mention it ages us faster and can leave us feeling exhausted, overwhelmed and depressed.

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Stress Free Emotions
For natural resistance to emotional stress and fatigue; promotes emotional balance, positive feelings, and feelings of fulfillment.

Is there another way? 
I talk to many people who believe that this is just the way life is and there isn’t much to do about it unless you’re lucky enough to win the lottery or get an upgrade to your DNA. Let us imagine for just a moment that we are creating the reality that we see, feel, and interact with. Let us suspend our disbelief for a tiny second and imagine that we manifest our life by sending out signals and invitations through the thoughts that we think and feelings that we feel. What if these thoughts and feelings set up an energetic loop that reflects back to us our “reality” based on the vibration that we are experiencing? For example when we are in a negative state of mind we look though the lens of negativity and see everything around us conspiring to make us suffer (so we amplify the experience of suffering).

The Real You - Alan Watts 

Conversely, when we are in a positive, loving resonance our perspective is different and even when adversity comes we can navigate and deflect it more easily and gracefully (so we feel more love, gratitude, and peace). In Yoga and Ayurveda, the mind is called manas and is said to have a functional relationship with the entire body. The mind is not the same as the brain here. Manas has a presence on a cellular level, existing as an intelligence that is affecting all of the dhatus (tissue layers or systems) and chakras (energy centers), thereby giving information to the entire body about how to function.

Blissful Joy
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Every thought we think has power. 
Most of our thoughts are habitual and repetitive, they are old programs from the past, running the show. This happens without us even realizing it. We believe we are thinking new thoughts yet we wind up creating the same situations, experiences and circumstances over and over again. It may be a new relationship but over time we realize we’re dating the same guy, or are involved in another altercation with an unfair boss, or have another friend dumping all of their problems on us. Can you relate?

It may feel like life is happening to you, however your experience of life is a reflection of what signals are going out from your own personal generating station (the channel of the mind, manovaha srota). So, take time to observe and take charge! If you want to change anything in your life start by looking within by observing the subtle thoughts, reactions and feelings created from your thinking patterns.

Ask yourself:
1) Is there another perspective or point of view that I could take?
2) How am I contributing to the outcome of a situation (positively or negatively)?
3) What else is possible?
4) What would love do/ say/ think?

Don’t lollygag in a negative rut, as it will only bring you down and down and down. Notice any resistance you may have to thinking or feeling positively about something. I’m not talking about suppression here. Ahamkara is the sense of “I Am”, loosely translated as the ego. Whenever the sense of who we think we are is threatened, (i.e. moving beyond an old paradigm of thinking or being) the ahamkara will rear it’s ugly head, dig it’s heels in and convince you that it’s not safe to love, forgive, trust, relax, or accept.

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You may choose to stay small, stuck, and feel like a victim or you can choose to blast through the ceiling of suffering by embracing a new way of thinking, feeling, and looking at the world. This is incredibly empowering and puts the reins of your life back in your hands. Giddy-up! Yoga asana, pranayama, meditation, and chanting practices are also great tools to reprogram the neuro-pathways of your brain and influence the nervous system to operate from a more relaxed place.

Personally I love kirtan and chanting mantras as they have the power to bypass the intellect (buddhi) and go directly to the heart. Also, humming bee breath (brahmari pranayama) and alternate nostril breathing (nadi shodhana) are at the top of my list for shifting out of a negative place and into a more centered and clear state of mind. Choose your thoughts and feelings wisely for they will create your future. As Allen Ginsberg said, “You are what you think about all day” and I’m going to have to say, I think he might be right.

About The Author - Madhuri Phillips

Madhuri Phillips
Between publishing books, making Ayurvedic yoga DVD's, touring for yoga and Ayurveda conferences, and teaching teachers about the Madhuri Method, Madhuri finds climbing rocks in really cool locations an exciting venture. She is based in Vancouver, BC. Learn more about Madhuri’s online Ayurvedic study and the Madhuri Method Ayurvedic Yoga training at:

Jyotish - Planetary Blessings & Mantras

Jyotish - Planetary Blessings & Mantras
Jyotisha is derived from the Sanskrit language and means “light, heavenly body”. Therefore, jyotish [Vedic Astrology] is ‘the science of light’ and is a sophisticated science originating from the ancient Vedic traditions of India. Vedic astrology is part of a large integrated system of philosophy called the Vedas. The fundamental principles used in Vedic Astrology can also be found linked to its related systems, such as Ayurveda, "the science of life"; and Vastu, "the science of space".

Sun Yantra Sun - Sunday
Blessed and Holy Sun!! The Sun embodies inspiration, confidence, power, and generosity. May we all come to know the Divine Surya, which bestows light, truth, wisdom, leadership, and vitality. The Sun sules Sunday, the colors red and orange, the metal copper, and the gemstone ruby. The Sun also rules the sign Leo and represents royalty or king energy.

For divine Sun auspiciousness. May this mantra bring direction, inspiration, generosity, confidence, and positivity. May it also bring Divine leadership, vitality, and power into ones life. May we all honor the brilliant transformative light of Surya


Moon Mantra 1 Moon - Monday
Blessed Divine illuminating Moon! May we all know and honor that Divine Light of the Moon which resembles devotion, emotion, and illumination. The Moon brings motherly care, nourishment, and support. Blessed Chandra also empowers imagination, intuition, and social/humanitarian pursuits. Soma rules the astrological sign of Cancer. The Moon's day is Monday, color is white, metal is silver, and gem is pearl. The Moon serves to show us where our heart resonates, and our ability to empathize, sympathize, and show compassion.

For blessed Moon auspiciousness. May this mantra bring motherly love, emotional capacity, sympathy, empathy, and compassion. May this mantra also bring nourishment, support, imagination, and intuition. May we all know our emotional nature, and capacity for compassion through our relationship with Chandra.

Mars Mantra

Mars - Tuesday
Mars creates energy, action, and courage. Mars is also known as the auspicious one Mangala, and the son of the earth Kuja. Blessed Mangala protects, guards, defends, fights against injustice, and allows us to execute and take action. The gems for Mars are red coral and carnelian, and the metal is gold. His day is tuesday, and red, orange, and pink are his colors.

For Martian auspiciousness. May this mantra bring courage, energy, and action. May it also bring protection to those who need protection, and support to all those who defend justice and truth.

 Mercury MantraMercury - Wednesday
Blessed and brilliant Mercury! In Sanskrit Mercury is known as Budhaya for it's brilliant intelligence, and quick mind. Mercury determines how we think and communicate. Mercury also represents the messages we carry throughout our lives, and how we express those messages. Divine Budhaya rules discrimination, communication, contemplation, and calculation. Mercury rules the astrological signs Gemini and Virgo. Mercury's day is wednesday, color is green, and stone is emerald. Shri Budhaya is known to be witty and have a good sense of humor.

For Mercury Auspiciousness. May this mantra bring clarity in thought, and expression. May this mantra bring a perfect stream of consciousness between our intelligence, and it's expression. May it also allow for precise discrimination of our intellect, and encourage versatility and innovation.

Jupiter Mantra

Jupiter - Thursday
Jupiter rules how we know and understand, it rules how we grow. known in Sanskrit as Guru because of his image as a wise spiritual master ortTeacher. Jupiter is also known as Brihaspati the Lord of prayers. At one point in the ancient mythology Jupiter using Mantra drove off the Asuras Demons who were obstructing the ritual offering from being received by the Gods. After the Gods nourished themselves of the ritual offerings they blessed Jupiter with the title of Gurudeva or "Guru of The Gods." Guru rules the zodiac signs of Sagittarius and Pisces, color is yellow or tawny, day is thursday, gem is yellow sapphire, and metal is gold. Blessed Jupiter allows for wisdom, expansion, growth, advanced levels of education, and prosperity.

For Jupiter auspiciousness. May this mantra bring wisdom, prosperity, heightened awareness, growth, expansion, and abundance. May we all know the role of Guru in our lives.

Venus Mantra

Venus - Friday
Blessed Venus rules how we love, how we experience pleasure, and how we relate. Venus rules relationships, love, romance, partnership, beauty, and the arts. Blessings of Venus include advanced development in social ability, creative expression, and deemed "Lord of Wealth" by Shiva. Venus is the ruler or master of the aenses, and in this regard Venus is empowered as Daityaguru, the Guru for The Asuras which represent demons who cling in attachment to the senses and physical existence. Venus is also known as Shukra translating to bright, clear or pure expressing Venus's ability to often be the most brightly shining planet in the sky. Venus also represents purity in terms of sophistication, refinement, sattva, and grace. Venus's astrological signs are Taurus and Libra, day is friday, colors grey and purple, gem is diamond, and metal is silver.

For blessed Venusian auspiciousness. May this mantra bring abundantly flowing creativity, pleasure, art, music, grace, beauty, and love. May it also bring proper and sattvic use of the senses, as well as refinement, purity, and sophistication. May we all know the Divine Grace of Shukra.

Saturn Mantra

Saturn - Saturday
Divine is your desire for us, you shine in your power and control. May we all know dependability, perseverance, and order through your ancient wisdom. May you lead us to our spiritual truth, may you encourage our most humble surrender. Blessed and Divine Saturn, may we only find and persevere through our important work through you. Saturn's day is saturday, color is blue, metal is iron, and gem is blue sapphire. Saturn rules the astrological signs of Capricorn, and Aquarius.

For Divine Saturn auspiciousness. May this mantra bring you perseverance, order, structure, and discipline. May this mantra be your medicine in all delay, chaos, and adversity. May this mantra bring us closer to sustenance of a spiritual life, and humble, deep and earnest surrender.

About The Author
Ksanati Newman Ksanāti Newman is  currently offering Vedic Astrology readings by donation. Please private message at Ksanati Jyotish or Like/Comment in his thread if interested.  Ksanāti is trained in the lineage of Mahadev Levine, and Simon Chokoisky. Chart Reading is 75 minutes and will include Birth Chart overview, question and answer, planetary periods/transits, astro cartography, and mantra/gem Recommendations. Advanced readings include Nakshatra, Shri Maharishi Parasara Classic Text Reference and Divisional Chart Analysis.

Aum Namah Shivayah