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Meaning Of Yoga

Yoga – What is it exactly?

What Is Yoga? Yoga is literally translated as ‘Union’ What does union mean in Yogic context? Yoga is union and means non-duality, oneness! It comes from the Sanskrit root “Yuj” which means to join. Yoga is harmony, union, meeting, (connecting) together. We tend to think about Yoga in the term of asanas [postures], but that is not only about that. Yoga is union with the Lord, the Atman which resides in the body, unifies itself with its creator (Lord, God, Supreme Soul or whatever you refer to). Yoga comes in order to help the body and mind focus, and stay firmly established in the self and finally in the Lord. This union mentioned, works also for behavior, daily routine, and all aspects of life. To be established in this oneness, one needs to be equanimate in every s...