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Punarnava – The Renewing Ayurvedic Herb

Punarnava – The Renewing Ayurvedic Herb Punarnava is one of the best known diuretic herbs in Ayurveda. The name Punarnava means ‘one that renews the old body’ indicating its potent rejuvenative properties particularly in heart and kidney issues. It is a strong digestive herb that is beneficial in sluggish and slow digestion. However, as it functions by absorbing fluids from the digestive system, it can be very constipating in excess and therefore caution must be exercised whilst using Punarnava. Since it works efficiently in reducing adipose tissue and balancing the urinary system, it is also an effective herb in cases of diabetes. It has a strong action on the kidneys by reducing excess fluids, swelling and edema hence making it an excellent herb in bladder infections and nephritis....