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Delicious Chutneys

  Delicious & Wholesome Chutneys Chutneys do more than add taste to a meal. When used correctly, they can aid in digestion, kindle agni and promote health. There are numerous types of chutneys incorporating the six tastes and using many different types of fruits and spices. Fruits are revered in Ayurveda, as they are one of the purest foods that enhance ojas (think vitality, immunity and strength). They are a superb source of nutrients and vitamins, not to mention their antioxidant properties. When used in chutneys with a combination of spices, these fruits can provide a delightfully tasty, yet healthy, accompaniment to dishes. It is important to consider the spices and types of fruit to use in chutneys, in conjunction with one’s constitution and current season. Ayurvedic Suppleme...