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Nourishing The Body, Mind, & Soul – An Ayurvedic Perspective

  Nourishing The Body, Mind, & Soul Ayurveda is considered the world’s oldest and most complete system of natural healing. It’s said that the knowledge of Ayurveda is eternal and is revealed in order to help relieve the suffering of humanity. Perhaps the most universal aspect of Ayurveda is to establish balance, peace of mind, and happiness. “The natural force within each of us is that perfect healer of all.” – Hippocrates According to the classic texts, three aspects of the mind include: Dhi, the ability to learn and acquire knowledge Dhriti, the ability to process and retain information Smriti, the ability to recall, memory   Recalling Our True Nature In nearly all ancient cultures, nature has often been considered the greatest healer. Interestingly, in Ayurveda “praj...