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Samprapti ~ The Disease Process According To Ayurveda

Disclaimer: All content included on this website (including, but not limited to,  images, photos, graphics and text) is the property of ‘Healthy Ayurveda’ and ‘Vedic Sage’ and as such is protected by US and international copyright and other intellectual property laws.    The Disease Process According To Ayurveda The ancient writings of Ayurveda describe “Samprapti” as the disease process which, if understood properly, can actually detect and address certain health conditions at each and every stage; i.e. addressing the root cause. According to this philosophy [i.e. samprapti/pathogenesis], there are six stages for the disease process.   The Six Stages Of Disease: 1. Accumulation Of Doshas – Sanchaya 2. Aggravation/Provocation Of Doshas – Prakopa 3. Spread ...