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7 Tips For A More Relaxing Evening – An Ayurvedic Evening Routine

7 Tips For A More Relaxing Evening It’s no big secret: for many of us, it’s extremely difficult to unwind — especially after a long day of answering emails, attending meetings, taking phone calls, taking care of kids or pets, and battling traffic on the way to and from our jobs. It seems increasingly difficult to find the “off” switch once we enter our personal sanctum — home, at the end of the day. The advent of technology and electronics that multitask our schedules is great in one way: they provide some efficiency and ease in checking off those ever-increasing priorities from our to-do lists. However, they can also spur a disconnect between mind/body/spirit, and aggravate Vata and Pitta — turning us into scattered, unfocused versions of ourselves (especially in the all-but-inevitable ev...