Saturn's Transit In Sagittarius: The Control of Justice.

Saturn's Transit In Sagittarius: Control Of Justice
Regulation, Restriction, Constriction & Expansion

Saturn is known as the great controller, and is symbolized as the spiritual force or entity in the universe which embodies control throughout the universe. As human beings we seek control in many aspects, to have control over our lives, to have control over how time unfolds, and to control what we desire and how we obtain it. These aspects of control in human life are connected to the ego, to our individual desires, and are sometimes described as the individual will. Saturn represents in the deepest most metaphysical sense the Universe’s will for us, and is deeply connected to that which is the surrender of our own individual will or selfish desires.

The Controller Of Time ...

Deeply connected to this surrendering of our control in relationship to the universe, is our relationship to time, and our need or desire to control certain aspects of its unfolding or manifestation. Saturn is called Shanaishcharaya in Sanskrit which means “Slow Mover” hinting at Saturn’s specific control of time, as well as its nature to move time in a delayed fashion. Each time we pray with Saturn and chant “Aum Pram Preem Praum Sah Shanaishcharaya Namah” we are honoring the Universe’s control of time, specifically Saturn, and surrendering our own desire to control or manifest time. Therefore, Saturn also metaphysically represents the release of our own individual will, desire, or control for the divine will of The Universe. In order to release our individual control and will, and to ascend to these higher spiritual qualities, the individual will must be tested, challenged, and faced with adversity.

Spiritual Growth ... Challenges, Obstacles, Adversity & Delays
Saturn works to encourage the manifestation of spiritual growth within an individual, and many philosophers, astrologers, and rishis suggests that no spiritual change or growth can manifest without the work of Saturn. From this we can understand that true spiritual changes or growth manifests when we have to experience challenges, obstacles, adversity, and delays. These delays, or obstacles are truly opportunities for spiritual growth or change to manifest within us, and so Saturn presents these challenges with the intention to manifest growth within us. That is why Saturn in terms of its spiritual lessons is considered to be the promoter of virtue, since without the work of Great Shani we would not be able to truly align to our highest sense of virtue.

The primary virtue that Saturn assists with is patience, and almost every tradition or culture of people honor patience as a principle and virtue that is spiritual and highly sought. In fact, nobody knows how patient they are, although many would like to believe they possess the almighty virtue of patience. The only way we acquire patience, or are able to know or experience that we have this virtue, is for our patience is to be tested. This is the very nature of Saturn, which tests, delays, or challenges and presents adversity, only so that it can be overcome, and when adversity is endured or overcome the greatest amount of growth, wisdom, and advancement results. Therefore, Saturn encourages all to embody the virtue of patience in its work with us. However, Shanaishcharaya presents us with circumstances and situations that challenge that very patience because there is no greater way to grow than to be tested or challenged.

... acceptance, surrender, honesty, and humility

Saturn also inspires other virtues in our spiritual work including acceptance, surrender, honesty, and humility. Saturn will act in a way where it will encourage the embodiment of these virtues by testing, challenging, and applying adversity to them. The only way to truly know an honest man or honest woman is when the opportunity or reward for lying is great, yet they still choose the honest path. The only way to truly know a humble honest man or woman is when they are exalted by the community, treated as kings or queen within the society, but nonetheless remain humble and serve selflessly. The only way to know if a soul is truly accepting is when the aspect of life that is hardest for them to accept, they are confronted with and have no choice but to apply acceptance.

These examples, are some of the beautiful ways in which Saturn expresses its teachings and lessons to us. Saturn helps us align to our highest spiritual growth, encouraging our full potential, and alignment to our greatest advancement, by pushing us to face our Karma through tests, challenges, and delays. The truth is Saturn brings us to our highest potential, and the only way for us to achieve our highest potential is to be challenged or tested. Without any adversity, there is a limitation in the amount of growth, but when true adversity is overcome that is when growth is at its highest potential. Saturn is truly a great Guru in the lessons and energies it manifests within the universe, and should be honored for its immeasurable spiritual potential.

Profoundly Powerful Shift
Saturn is currently going through a profoundly powerful shift in which Saturn begins transiting Sagittarius on January 27, 2017. Than on April 6, Saturn will begin to go into a retrograde state traveling backwards until August 26. Due to Saturn’s Retrograde condition from April to August, Saturn will travel back into Scorpio from June 21 – October 26. On October 27, 2017 Saturn will enter its longest transit in Sagittarius which remains until January 24, 2020. This is very magical transit when a planet enters a sign for some time, then through retrograde motion goes back to its previous constellation only to return to the newer constellation for a much longer duration. This will show that in a certain period from January 27 – June 21 we will be getting a glimpse into the wormhole, into the future, and experiencing what our certain future will be like, especially in terms of themes and energies. Than these energies will dissipate for some time, or seem to go backwards, which is akin to going back into an old era, and then on October 2017 is when these energies will begin to re-manifest this time in a more enduring and permanent fashion.

Sagittarius is called Dhanus in Sanskrit which translates to bow, like that which is used with arrow. Along with this common signification of the bow, so comes the arrow as well as the Archer who bears the bow and arrow. Sagittarius can be signified or symbolized by any of these images such as a bow, an arrow, or even an archer. Commonly, The Archer aspect of Dhanus is portrayed as an individual who is half man, and half horse, hinting at the strength and animalistic significations of the sign as well. Dhanus is a dual sign energetically, which means Karma’s that correlate with Sagittarius can vary from being fixed to movable, which means the Karma’s that relate to Dhanus are not always the easiest to move or work through.

... intensity, passion, courage, confidence & vigor

The Dual sign does present the possibility for the Karma to be worked through but it will require spiritual growth, and it will require a great amount of change, and evolution. Dhanus is also a fire sign, which means it relates to the Ayurvedic Dosha Pitta, and therefore contains the Guna’s or qualities of fire such as hot, light, sharp, and spreading. These qualities translate into creating intensity, passion, courage, confidence, and vigor specifically to those heavily influenced by Sagittarius, and it is often associated as a bold, powerful, and intense vibration. Sagittarius is connected to the planet Jupiter, and therefore has great significations for moral and ethical values, as well as spiritual or religious wisdom.

Our Guru Potential ... 
Sagittarius as an energy is promoting us to the realization of our Guru potential, and our Guru energy, by aligning us with our highest moral and ethical potential. One of the amazing energies of Sagittarius is that it helps us develop our moral and ethical code on an extremely wise and profound level, and then when we begin to live our lives by this heightened moral condition we transform into the highest version of ourselves.

Deep within Sagittarius vibration there is an emphasis on freedom, fairness, justice, and equality in our world. On a profound level it is our human right to have freedom, fairness, equality, and justice in our lives, but we sometimes find in our modern world a lack of these essential qualities. Sagittarius as a vibration encourages, prioritizes, and emphasizes the need for freedom, fairness, equality, and justice to exist in our loves, and in the universe in general. When it comes to justice and equality Sagittarius is idealistic and wants this for the universe in the fullest sense.

Sagittarius also contains humanitarian vibrations in the sense of a willingness to do everything possible to strive, support, and fight for freedom, fairness, justice, and equality in the world. When the energy is out of balance or afflicted Sagittarius vibrations may cause radical thinking, extremism, pushiness, temper, and a lack of grace, but its positive qualities of bringing fairness, and justice to the world more than compensates for these fire related flaws. Sagittarius or Dhanus is truly a divine vibration which contains freedom, equality, truth, fairness, and justice for the entire universe within it. During periods when Sagittarius is activated via transit, are times when we often see profound change, transition, and alterations taking place in the areas of freedom, fairness, law, justice, and equality.

heavily influence freedom, justice, fairness & equality in our world.

When Saturn enters Sagittarius on January 27, there will be two unique frequencies operating at different levels, attempting and seeking to come into balance with each other. As Saturn begins to transit Sagittarius, it will be bringing a multitude of qualities towards Sagittarius which it is not particularly comfortable with which will have dramatic impact. Saturn brings energies of control, order, discipline, focus, as well as tradition, and conservatism. When these qualities which Saturn embodies enter Sagittarius, they will begin to heavily influence freedom, justice, fairness, and equality in our world. Sagittarius has a strong influence or signification for the legal system and justice, so the qualities of Saturn will become deeply embedded in the legal system and process as well. This conjunction of energies has severe implications, many of which influence the political, legal, economic, and civil situation in every continent, in every country, and in every city.

The Impact ~ On Civil Situations In Places All Over The World
When control, and order are brought into the legal system it generally constricts or restricts, especially when Saturn is concerned. During this transit, our legal system in many of its aspects will become more restricted and constricted, and regulations will be placed where they can. That means certain laws or legal situations that may previously been more open, will now become more restricted or constricted in some way. This is emphasized by Saturn’s conservative nature, which will also probably attempt to constrict, restrict, or bring a conservative reformation to some aspect of the law or legal system. The legal change in the world will bring profound change involving regulations to prior laws and legal constructs. Due to Saturn’s conservative nature this will cause a great amount of regulation in the legal system wherever, and whenever the possibility presents itself.

Controversial areas of law including abortion, same-sex marriages, cannabis, welfare, drugs, immigration, and human rights are all subject to be regulated if legally possible. Saturn has the potential to restrict or constrict, or restrict certain levels of freedom, fairness, and equality in our world. Due to the legal changes, and the conservative aspect, there is a strong potential for certain levels of freedom which humans deserve to be delayed, or challenged. This will impact the civil situations in places all over the world in which a control against their freedom or civil liberties will not stand.

... will inspire humanitarian individuals to fight for civil rights

The regulations, conservatism, and constriction that Saturn brings in this transit will only make those individuals who fight for justice, freedom, and equality more focused, directed, and disciplined in their fight. When the attempt to constrict, restrict, and regulate individual freedoms and rights is in effect on a human population, they will be re-directed in a focused, disciplined, and determined way. We also have Saturn during this transit helping the freedom fighters, and those that stand for the civil liberties of all people regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, or economic status.

Nonetheless, the duality of these forces will exist profoundly during this time, in which Saturn will attempt to constrict, restrict, and regulate individual freedoms, and human rights, but the Spirit of Sagittarius will help those that our fighting for freedom, fairness, justice, equality, morals, and ethics the power to create profound change that takes the power away from the constricting, regulating forces and puts the power back into the hands of the people. It is a time where certain restrictive regulations will inspire humanitarian individuals to fight for civil rights, freedom, and equality.

Towards the end of the transit in the late 2019s and early 2020s when Saturn leaves Sagittarius, we will have hope and faith that the freedom fighters who stand for righteousness and truth will be focused, directed, and disciplined in their work against all forces of the Universe that constrict, restrict, suppress, or regulate basic human rights or freedoms. This will be a time of great challenge at relates to the full achievements of equality and freedom for all living things on Earth, but with the overcoming of this adversity, the people will achieve profound change, growth, and expansion in areas of morals, ethics, civil rights, economic rights, freedom, and equality throughout the world. It is a special time in our world where those seeking to control others, and limit freedom and committing injustices will be creating challenging Karma which may cause inauspicious consequences. However, it is equally a time in the universe where those focused on positive Karma will reap the rewards of their hard discipline, dedication, focus, and determination.

During this transit of Saturn in Sagittarius, it will be helpful to honor Shani using Mantra.

Please Listen To The Traditional Shani Mantra In The Video Below:

Saturn's Yantra
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Jupiter's Transit in Virgo: Spiritual Perfection

Jupiter: The Guru Planet
Jupiter's Transit In Virgo

Jupiter is called Guru in Sanskrit, which means Teacher, and relates to Jupiter's properties of wisdom, expansion, knowledge, and education. Jupiter is also known as Brihaspati, which translates to "The Lord of Prayers." This relates to Jupiter's energy which is associated with religion, spirituality, sacred scriptures, prayers, chants and ancient writings. There was a time in ancient Vedic mythology in which the Asuras, or demons, were attempting to weaken the devas, or gods, by consuming and obstructing all offerings before the gods could receive them. Jupiter, due to his infinite knowledge of ancient shastras, used a holy mantra against  the demons which vanished them away from the space of the yagyas, or ritual offerings.The devas were able to receive offerings that were intended for them. Jupiter did a profound penance for Lord Shiva and granted Jupiter the exalted title of "Gurudeva" exclaiming him as "The Guru of the Gods" for his penance and infinite wisdom which he used to serve the divine.


"The Guru Of The Gods"

Jupiter´s heroic efforts in the mythology above also relates to Jupiter's qualities of selflessness, generosity, kindness and ethical, moral, and humanitarian orientation.  It is through this generous and abundant nature of Jupiter that also encourages wealth, fortune, prosperity and growth of any kind. Jupiter also through its Guru vibrations offers incredible counseling, teaching, learning, philosophical and spiritual teacher properties.

In the ancient tale mentioned above, Jupiter was seeking to eradicate dark or negative forces and to encourage positive or light energies to prosper. It is with this energy that Jupiter also has inclination towards the concept of justice and therefore the legal system. Therefore Jupiter is interested in defending, protecting and serving that which is just, fair, and of truth. Overall, Jupiter is considered the most benefic or kind planet and is noted for its wise and expansive properties.

Virgo: The Constellation of Improvement
Virgo is one of the constellations which is ruled by the planet Mercury. Mercury is called Budhaya in Sanskrit which translates to the emblem of intelligence. Mercury is related to the Vedic philosophical concept of Buddhi which represents the discriminatory factor of our consciousness.  Buddhi analyzes, calculates and understands. With this brilliance of Mercury, the sign Virgo becomes infused with abilities stemming from and relating to intelligence and the intellect. This includes communication, expression, analysis, computation, understanding, reading, writing and speaking.

While many of these qualities don't seem to a possess spiritual nature, Virgo works with many profound spiritual ideals and energies. Virgo is always seeking to bring perfection through purification. This may sound esoteric at first glance but upon further extraction it reveals a very methodical process. Purification in the sense of Virgo can be associated with removing all aspects of something that is not perfect. Purification takes place when we remove or reduce or change something in order to bring it to a higher state. For example, Ayurvedic metals are purified many times by intense exposure to fire and heat within hot stone vessels many times before they are ready for human consumption. In this sense Virgo seeks to bring perfection or positive changes to something by removing or changing aspects that do not serve it. Akin to the energy of perfection and purification that relates to Virgo are energies of improvement, service and protection.

Virgo employs many means in order to bring improvement to the universe; the primary being service.  When it comes to Virgo energy, providing service and improvement are inseparable.  Virgo will also employ protective energies in order to encourage vast improvements; Virgo provides security and safety to make things better. In other words, Virgo will encourage protective energy because nothing is perfect, ideal, or improved greatly if it is not safe, secure and protected. Overall, Virgo carries this remarkable brilliant energy of seeing everything in the world as it could be, and taking action through service to improve to bring everything to its highest potential, its highest state.

Jupiter's Transit in Virgo: Perfection on The Path
The Guru planet Jupiter entered the Mercury ruled sign of Virgo on August 12, 2016 and will remain in Virgo until September 12, 2017. When the higher spiritual energies of the Planet Jupiter combine with the intellectual and ideal improvement energies of Virgo there are many favorable and unfavorable significations.

In terms of astrological friendship the ruler of Virgo, Mercury, and Jupiter are considered enemies.  One of the easiest ways to understand this uncomfortable relationship of Jupiter in Virgo is by perceiving Jupiter as a spiritual force and Mercury as an intellectual force. Jupiter and Mercury do not get along because spirituality and mysticism is not something that is meant to be understood using the intellect, logical or discerning mind. The divine energy of the universe comes from a higher celestial realm, it is something that spiritual seekers come to have faith and believe in through devotion, and very often intellectual or discerning energies contradict the principles of belief and faith. Jupiter in Virgo will be a time when the spiritual aspect of the soul's journey will seek to be understood in a logical, intellectual, and discerning way.  This can create issues of confusion and misunderstanding because faith cannot be understood intellectually.

Although this is not traditionally a favorable transit for Jupiter in Virgo it does certainly indicate some very powerful energies that can be considered positive.  While there is nothing inherently perfect about our spiritual evolution or journey, Virgo will be seeking to bring our spiritual growth and journey to an ideal place. When Jupiter enters Virgo it creates a certain auspicious energy that will bring our spiritual wisdom, faith and higher intuition to a much more improved ideal state. Virgo will bring our spiritual path to its highest potential and improve it in a multitude of ways.
Awareness, generosity, forgiveness ...
Awareness, generosity, forgiveness, our relationship to our teachers, morals, ethics, and our spiritual and religious beliefs are all Jupiterian energies that Virgo will seek to improve, purify and perfect. When Jupiter´s emphasis on morals and ethics combines with Virgo, our moral and ethical code grows to a much more ideal and perfect state.  This will be a highly auspicious time where our kindness, generosity, honesty, fairness and selflessness will improve. Virgo´s potent ideals and perfectionism will be integrated into the religious, spiritual, and mystical journey on Earth at this time.

Jupiter Mantra Yantra
How to Empower Yourself in the Struggle for Perfection ...
Due to the inherent discomfort of Jupiter in Virgo there are certain energies we can invoke to maintain balance and encourage the highest growth at this time.  Since Virgo is encouraging the highest level of improvement on our spiritual journey it is especially important to not set expectations. However, goals can be very healthy and effective as fuel for growth at this time. It is very important to discern between goals and expectation because setting goals gives us the space to work towards improvement, while expectations only bring disappointment and suffering. Whenever we are striving for the highest level or ideal of something it is commonplace to set an expectation on reaching that goal or place. The only result of these perfect expectations is disappointment since especially in the journey of our spiritual evolution there is no perfection that exists. For Virgo, expectations are a great enemy and especially at this time those expectations we set may be obstacles and blockades from the true growth and expansion we seek.

Also it is very important at this time to align oneself with living in the moment as well as the virtue of patience. This Virgo in Jupiter energy can create a great amount of future emphasis, as the perfection and improvement we are seeking requires a lot of work, and the goal is a destination in the future.  In other words, due to all of the energy focused around improving things to the way they could and "should" be, an incredibly amount of energy is put towards a destination or place of perfection, which the journey itself can be completely lost. When all of the energy is put towards a future destination, expectation, or goal, only a great amount of suffering can result.

Now is an especially favorable time to practice patience and living in the moment because due to the unfavorable position of Jupiter in Virgo there is proclivity towards impatience, perfectionism, and future or destination thinking. In addition to surrendering expectations and living in the moment, it is also important to honor Jupiter via ancient methodologies. We can honor Jupiter by emphasizing the higher spiritual self over the intellectual logical self; allowing the spiritual growth and expansion to happen in a much more balanced, sustainable, and integrated way. We can honor Jupiter traditionally by wearing the color yellow, the metal gold and the precious gem yellow sapphire.  One can also honor Jupiter through mantra to emphasize balance and higher spiritual energies.

Please Find Traditional Jupiter Guru Mantra Here:

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Ketu in Aquarius: Vibration of Ideal Transformation

Vibration of Ideal Transformation
Ketu is a spiritual entity which relates to the South node of the moon. This force contains powerful metaphysical energies which are linked to the Soul’s spiritual path towards Moksha.  Moksha relates to enlightenment and liberation, both in this lifetime, and the next, as it prepares us for transformation at the time of death.  Ketu is a force in which one of the main karmas is to reorient and reorganize our lives to our highest spiritual frequency, to our highest mystical vibration, to an alignment with our dharma and to an alignment with our path towards liberation. Another one of Ketu’s main karmas is that it seeks to employ and express lessons through aligning our lives with our path towards Moksha or enlightenment, and it does that at all costs, often causing undesirable effects on a material realm manifestation.

Path Towards Enlightenment - Moksha
Often times our path towards enlightenment or Moksha is connected towards certain aspects of detachment, loss, and the concept of surrender.  Ketu’s primary force is to encourage us to detach from aspects and areas of our lives that we are most attached to; those areas that we seek to control.  Ketu works through a mechanism of erratic loss, taking away those attachments which are preventing us from liberation.  Ketu encourages surrender of control by causing certain events or life situations to seem completely erratic, unexplainable, and out of control thus forcing surrender and ultimately helping us on our path towards Moksha.

Sometimes there are certain obstacles in our lives that prevent us from an ideal connection with the Divine, bringing us farther away from our path towards Moksha and liberation from the body.  Ketu will place many spiritual obstacles in front of a Soul’s path in order to realign them with their highest spiritual frequency and proper path towards enlightenment. In the ancient text, Ketu is referred to as the presenter of obstacles because it presents profound spiritual obstacles.  When we conquer and move through these obstacles, Ketu realigns us with our spiritual truth and our path towards Moksha or enlightenment.  It is a divine reorganizer and reconnecter to our highest spiritual truth and path towards enlightenment.

Powerful Auspicious Energy
Now is a great time to transform yourself spiritually or work on your relationship to the Universe because Ketu is in Aquarius. Ketu entered the Saturn owned sign of Aquarius January 30th, 2016 and will remain in Aquarius until August 18, 2017. Aquarius and its relationship to Saturn bodes well for Ketu, as Ketu is counted amongst Saturn’s friends and has a powerful auspicious energy in its alignment with Aquarius.

Aquarius is an incredibly powerful sign relating to idealism, optimism, consciousness, and progressive. It is a sign which resembles the most progressive universal consciousness available at any given time and represents the transformation of our consciousness, the transformation towards progression, and our ability to intuitively align with the most ideal potential expression of something. To see the cup as half full and to strive towards that ideal with optimism is to have an Aquarius outlook. To summarize, Aquarius helps us to see the most ideal expression of everything in life. Our ideal consciousness or perception, an ideal way we go about our lives, an ideal way we interact with the world and other living beings, and an ideal expression of what possibilities exist in the world. This idealism lends towards optimistic attitude and power towards innovation, happiness, progressive thinking, and all life endeavors.

Ketu’s alignment with Aquarius is highly potent and is considered an auspicious shift that will encourage rapid and unpredictable spiritual transformation. Ketu, a force which is constantly aligning us to our highest spiritual frequency is traveling in Aquarius which focuses on progressive consciousness, innovation and alignment towards idealism and optimism. This shift will cause Ketu to embody and empower Aquarius type vibrations which means one of the primary transformations that is going on is from the place of the Consciousness. Through Aquarius, Ketu is working to align our individual consciousness with that of a universal consciousness in a very potent spiritual way. This vibration means that Ketu Aquarius is encouraging more unity and harmony in Consciousness, in certain groups in which certain frequencies are aligning. That means progressive consciousness ideals will be aligning and these groups and will be expanding in their expression.

This particular concept can be seen playing out in our political race for President in which a very powerful ideal republic consciousness is aligning around Donald trump. Also a very unique rebellious ideal democratic consciousness is aligning around Bernie Sanders. Even Hillary Clinton, representing the middle road, a more conservative democrat, is having an alignment of consciousness around her. This is a very significant energy in which individual consciousnesses are aligning towards the most ideal universal group consciousness. This is hinting at the powerful aligning transforming, reorienting energy of Ketu combining with the optimistic, ideal, and consciousness provoking energy of Aquarius.

Idealism & Optimism 
Another of the extremely potent karmas that comes out of this combination is that there is a very powerful reorientation and reorganization towards idealism and optimism, especially as it applies to our spiritual path and our journey towards Moksha. This means that where we have strayed away from optimism and idealism, strayed away from viewing the glass as half full, strayed away from believing in the ideal in whichever way presents in our lives, that Ketu and Aquarius are working together to align us with that optimism and ideal. This will not only encourage us to see optimism and idealism in all areas of our life, but to transform and align with that optimism and ideal. We will be able to transform and align our lives with our new evolving progressive consciousness. We will be able to transform and align our lives with all ideals we believe in and work towards those ideals in a very optimistic way.

One of the things Ketu would be known to do as relates to this period would be to place certain key spiritual obstacles in our path in areas of our lives that are preventing us from our ideal expression, that our preventing us from alignment with our consciousness, the universal consciousness, and that are preventing us from being optimistic. In overcoming and working through these profound spiritual obstacles Ketu might will align us with our path towards Moksha as relates to our consciousness, and will align us towards believing in, and striving for the ideal. This is a time of ideal transformation, towards ideal expressions in individual lives, as well as transformation as to what is truly ideal for our path towards liberation, our path towards enlightenment, and our path towards Moksha, both in terms of preparation for transformation when the soul leaves the body, as well of glimpses of enlightenment, samadhi, or liberation we can still experience while empowered in our physical form. This divine Ketu Aquarius vibration is encouraging ideal transformation, both in the subject, objective, and collective sense. May we honor this ideal transformation, and continue to honor that divine Ketu Aquarius vibration which aligns us towards our ideal optimal expression in our path towards Moksha.

Ketu Mantra

In order to honor Ketu it is favorable to perform Ketu Mantra. It is most auspicious to perform this mantra at sunset on Tuesday. It is traditional to read the whole mantra three times, then repeat the seed sound (AUM KRAAM KREEM KRAUM SAH KETAVE NAMAH) 108 Times. Please find translation and transliteration here, as well as video with performing of Mantra to help with pronunciation. Ketu enjoys multi colored and striped items, as well as the gem Cats Eye Chrysoberyl.

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Mercury Enters Debilitation in Pisces: The Great Mind-Spirit Debate

The Great Mind-Spirit Debate
Mercury is truly an intelligent and intellectual planet, and from this nature of mercury comes incredible abilities and skill that relate to communication, writing, and speaking. Mercury also rules our intellectual capacity and discriminating capacity called Buddhi, in Sanskrit. Beyond its communicative abilities it also has an incredible ability for calculating, and anything that requires a intellectual or intelligent thought process in general. Therefore, Mercury can be said to rule all aspects of our consciousness which are inherently logical, rational, scientific, and therefore all thinking patterns which come from these aspects.

"The Transition" ...
On Saturday March 19th Mercury left its current residence in the sign of Aquarius, and transited into the Jupiter owned sign of Pisces. Based on the ancient Vedic literature it is said that Mercury enters a state of ultimate debilitation when it enters the sign of Pisces. This shift of Mercury into its debilitated state will remain until April 3rd when it leaves Pisces and enters the Mars own sign of Aries. This means several things, on one aspect you will see a conflict between Mercury and Jupiter manifesting and expressing, specifically because of Mercury’s relationship to Pisces which is owned by Jupiter. Additionally, you will also see general debilitated issues with Mercury, and therefore general weakness and Mercury related conflict and illness can arise.

Mercury's Discomfort In Pisces
Some general aspects of how this shift manifests may include an intense thinking or hyperactive thinking in general because of Mercury's discomfort in Pisces. Additionally many of these thoughts can come from a place of worry, nervousness, and fear of failure. One of the surfacing questions might be why is this incredibly intelligent planet Mercury go through such trouble, in connection with Jupiter, and specifically Pisces. The reason is quite metaphysical, mystical, and spiritual. Jupiter, called Guru, or Gurudeva in Sanskrit is honored in Jyotish at the Guru of The God's because of his divine wisdom and his deep knowledge of ancient spiritual wisdom, mantra, and Vedic scripture. In all senses, Jupiter rules the Higher Mind, A.K.A. the “Spiritual Mind”, and also known as the spiritual intuitive mind.

While the moon has strong connotation of intuition, the intuitive nature of the moon comes from emotions, as well as reflective capacity. Jupiter, however has a certain divine type of intuition, a spiritual type of intuition that comes from ancient spiritual wisdom, past lives, the teaching of a Guru, and our highest spiritual self, the guru inside of us. Jupiter's higher wisdom also has the ability to be a channel in which higher wisdom and knowledge in channeled from a divine spiritual source, something that is beyond the mind, something that is beyond logic, and something that is beyond rationale. This is getting at the root of the inherent conflict or issues that arise when Jupiter and Mercury are in deep interaction, because true spiritual wisdom and divine intuition cannot be understood, expressed, or communicated in a consciousness that is coming from logic, rationale, or intellect. It is also true that something that is inherently intellectual, rational, or logical can not be explained from a place of spiritual intuition, or inherent divine wisdom. This conflict of Jupiter and Mercury is particularly exacerbated when Mercury enters the Jupiter sign of Pisces.

Screen Shot 2016-03-19 at 6.47.53 AMPisces - The Water Sign
Pisces is a water sign and relates to the Ayurvedic Dosha Kapha, and so right off the bat you have an elemental disturbance when the water of Pisces mixes with the Primary element of Mercury which is Air, and the Ayurvedic Dosha of Vata. On a metaphysical level Pisces represents a concept of the bridge between the higher spiritual realm and the earth, and generally this energy gravitates towards the higher philosophical and spiritual realms, and unless the Pisces is evolved or mature at a soul level, might neglect the physical realm. While Pisces is highly mystical, intuitive, and deeply engaged and excited by spiritual concepts, it can be disconnected from the earthly consciousness and realm, and can seem detached or disinterested in worldly manners. Mercury however has a very contrary energy to this, it is very much engaged and excited by intellectual, and logical or relational concepts. Additionally, Mercury is very much interested in its social, earthly, and career related connections, and does not inherently resonate with spiritual, philosophical, or mystical concepts.
Some Final Thoughts
In conclusion, the divine intuitive wisdom of Jupiter and particularly Pisces does not resonate with the rational logical intellectual nature of Mercury and therefore will remain in a debilitated state from March 19 to April 3rd. The full implications of this dramatic shift were discussed in detail in this article, particularly referencing the relationship between Jupiter to Mercury, and The relationship between Mercury and the Jupiter owned astrological sign of Pisces. Additionally it is important to mention that because Mercury is in debilitation it will reflect difficult aspects as it relates to Mercury, and these effects can be deemed more malefic or challenging than we fear whenever we hear that Mercury has gone into retrograde, a debilitation is more troubling condition. General affects include issues relating to communication, technology, writing, planning, and organization. More specifically however because of Pisces this energy will result as a serious conflict or debate between the higher spiritual intuitive mind, and the more rational, logical, and intellectual mind.

In results to remediation for this conflict it is best to honor Jupiter and Mercury as separate individual entities and empowering them to their fullest potential individually without confusing their energies, because when we bring our logic or middle mind, and try to bring it into harmony with our spiritual intuitive or higher mind we can face many conflicts including worry, nervousness, and general inclination to try to compartmentalize, communicate, explain, or understand what is inherently beyond all logic, and rational, that which is inherently divine or spiritual or higher wisdom or intuition.

Emphasizing proper devotion and honoring to our higher spiritual self, our inner guru and the higher Wisdom without a need to compartmentalize, intellectualize, or rationalize the nature or content of that spiritual wisdom is highly encouraged during this shift. Especially since the proclivity to compartmentalize and rationalize and bring logic to these higher spiritual truths and intuition is heavy during this time, it is an especially important to employ devotion and honor of our Guru's both our teachers in this lifetime as well as our inner guru in hopes of saving our brain from thinking about, or attempting to understand something that cannot be understood through the middle mind, the logic mind, the rational mind, the Mercury mind. It is highly encouraged during this time period to properly honor and bring balance to these energies by honoring both Mercury and Jupiter on their given day of the week, as unique divine entities that both have their proper time for expression, integration, and manifestation. However it is during this shift of Mercury into Pisces where integration of these two distinct energies is on a universal level, the most challenging.

Mercury Mantra
Mercury Mantra should be performed on Wednesday wearing the color green, the metal silver, and the gem Emerald. Please find the mantra being performed here:


Shri Mercury Mantra W/ Seed Sounds. It is Highly Auspicious to Participate In/Listen to Mercury Mantra on Wednesday. This Mantra Brings Communication, Expression, Investigation, Intelligence, Discernment, and Focus!

Posted by Kṣaṇāti Jyotish on Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Jupiter Mantra
Jupiter Mantra should be performed on Thursday wearing the color yellow, the metal gold, and the gem yellow sapphire.

Shri Jupiter Guru Mantra W/ Seed Sounds. A Hymn to Jupiter. This Mantra Brings Deep Expansion, as Well as Integration, and Application of Wisdom. This Mantra Also Brings Higher Teachings, Knowledge of Ancient Texts, as Well as Abundance and Comfort.

Posted by Kṣaṇāti Jyotish on Thursday, February 18, 2016

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Ksanati Newman
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Saturn and Mars in Scorpio - A Time of Radical Surrender!

A Time of Radical Surrender!
The planet Mars is known in Sanskrit as Kuja which refers to burning coals. This planet’s fiery nature represents all aspects of determination, courage, intensity, and that which we commit our energy too. Mars actually in itself represents pure energy and whenever Mars is involved all of our energy goes towards that area in which mars is involved. Today Mars joined the planet Saturn in the sign of Scorpio which is ruled by Mars. This affect of the shift lasts until September 18 2016 but there is a break from the shift during June 18-July 12 in which Mars we will be back in libra. However, on July 12th Mars will return to its conjunction with Saturn. Saturn is the planet which rules surrender, service, and virtue. There is no true surrender or virtue in this life without spiritual work with Saturn. The conjunction of Mars and Saturn in Scorpio empowers the Mars energy and relates it to Saturn. Thereby, bringing all qualities of Mars which include intensity, fire, determination, energy, support, and physical action to these Saturnal spiritual concepts of virtue, development and surrender. Thereby, through the conjunction of Mars and Saturn in Scorpio the cosmos is wholeheartedly encouraging this Idea of radical surrender as a universal consciousness.

Saturn In Scorpio 
Saturn in Scorpio

Saturn's day is Saturday, color is blue, metal is iron, and gem is blue sapphire. Saturn rules the astrological signs of Capricorn, and Aquarius.

Mantra For Saturn

Shri Shani Saturn Mantra W/ Seed Sounds. A Hymn to Saturn.

Posted by Kṣaṇāti Jyotish on Saturday, February 6, 2016

For divine Saturn auspiciousness. May this mantra bring You perseverance, order, structure, and discipline. May this mantra be your medicine in all delay, chaos, and adversity. May this mantra bring us closer to sustenance of a spiritual life, and humble, deep and earnest Surrender.

Mars In Scorpio
Mars In Scorpio

The gems for Mars are red coral and carnelian, and the metal is gold. His day is Tuesday, and red, orange, and pink are his colors.

Mantra For Mars

It is Highly Auspicious and Beneficial for a Relationship with Mars to Listen/Perform Mars Mantra. It Bears Strength, Welfare, Support, Determination, Investigation, and Transformation.

Posted by Kṣaṇāti Jyotish on Tuesday, February 2, 2016

For Martian auspiciousness. may this mantra bring courage, energy, passion, intensity, and action. May it also bring protection to those who need protection, and support to all those who defend justice and truth.

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Ksanati is Currently Offering Jyotish Vedic Astrology Readings by A Suggested Donation. Please Private Message Via Messaging Icon at Kṣaṇāti Jyotish if Interested in Receiving a Reading. Initial Reading is 80-90 Minutes and Includes Chart Overview and Analysis, Planetary Dasha Period Analysis, Fielding of Questions of Interest, Astro Cartography, and Planetary Remediation. Ksanati can also be reached to schedule readings and workshops through email at

The Divine Demon Rahu - Transits Into Leo

The Divine Demon Rahu 
The Divine Demon Rahu was known for his devout spiritual practice, but was rich in desire for both life, and sensory experience. Through his spiritual practice Rahu gained clarity as to where The Gods were drinking Amrit, the immortal nectar or celestial ambrosia, and saw an opportunity to impose as a God In order to drink the divine beverage. Quickly Surya The Sun and Chandra the moon alerted Vishnu the preserver of the universe of Rahu's convoluted plans. Shortly thereafter Vishnu came down and threw his sharp disc in order to cut Rahu's head off. At the same time that Rahu's head was being cut off he tasted the Amrit and was granted Immortal dominion and empowered as two shadow planets, Rahu representing a top half with no body symbolizing Rahu's manipulative desire for immortality and an unquenchable thirst for the soul experience.

Rahu represents the Moons northern node and it's main purpose is to unveil, expose, or to shadow. Rahu is associated with material/physical purpose, uncovering, foreign locales, and purification as well as toxins. Rahu encourages dynamic innovation, adaptability, earthly success, and investigation of the mystical and unknown. Rahu is said to act similarly to Saturn, and therefore carries its influence to Capricorn and Aquarius. Rahu's Day is Saturday, colors are brown and red-orange, metal is mixed, and gem is Hessonite. Rahu is also very often associated with smoke, occult or mystical practices, and Is remarkably brilliant.

Mystical Rahu Auspiciousness

Shri Rahu Mantra! A Hymn to Rahu!

Posted by Kṣaṇāti Jyotish on Saturday, February 13, 2016


May this mantra bring contentedness, innovation, adaptability, and material prosperity. May this mantra also clarify the path ahead, and may it encourage deep Investigation of the unknown and purification/transformation through that search.

The shadow planet Rahu has recently transitioned from the Mercury sign of Virgo to the Sun sign Leo. This transition has created a huge paradigm shift that will last until August 18 2017. Rahu is a spiritual force which is exotics and unique, an outsider or non traditional force that shrouds, clouds, and confuses. The sign Leo relates to the sign and thereby our inner ego, aspects of leadership, and our ability to manage, lead, and command attention. In this sense the transition of Rahu into Leo takes a very non traditional outside exotic force and allows it come into something very traditional, powerful, and a leader within the society.

This affect can be seen on a microcosmic level in our lives in which our inner leader and mystic are combined and dance during this phase, it also allows for prosperity and achievement from these areas of the occult, mystical, and unknown. We are at risk to be deceived by certain leaders or authorities during this time and there can also be misleading and misrepresentations. Due to the inner mixing of the outsider occult energies and the more traditional leadership energies, this is an incredibly potent time for merging of eastern and western practices, merging and integration of outsider alternative approaches and methodologies, with more conservative or traditional practices. Other aspects of this shift can be seen in our political race, in which dark charisma can cause a great growth in success relating to the candidate Donald trump. Even the other major candidate Bernie sanders is also an outsider bringing his radical and highly powerful and favorable opinions to the general public, and the results and growth of his campaign has been astounding. In some of the examples we have mentioned we are just beginning to touch on the incredible power of the shift of Rahu into Leo and the divine manifestation in which these occult, mystical, and darker aspects of our existence merge with the brilliance, light, and unequal power of the Leo and The Sun.

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Ksanati Newman
Ksanāti Newman
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Jyotish - Planetary Blessings & Mantras

Jyotish - Planetary Blessings & Mantras
Jyotisha is derived from the Sanskrit language and means “light, heavenly body”. Therefore, jyotish [Vedic Astrology] is ‘the science of light’ and is a sophisticated science originating from the ancient Vedic traditions of India. Vedic astrology is part of a large integrated system of philosophy called the Vedas. The fundamental principles used in Vedic Astrology can also be found linked to its related systems, such as Ayurveda, "the science of life"; and Vastu, "the science of space".

Sun Yantra Sun - Sunday
Blessed and Holy Sun!! The Sun embodies inspiration, confidence, power, and generosity. May we all come to know the Divine Surya, which bestows light, truth, wisdom, leadership, and vitality. The Sun sules Sunday, the colors red and orange, the metal copper, and the gemstone ruby. The Sun also rules the sign Leo and represents royalty or king energy.

For divine Sun auspiciousness. May this mantra bring direction, inspiration, generosity, confidence, and positivity. May it also bring Divine leadership, vitality, and power into ones life. May we all honor the brilliant transformative light of Surya


Moon Mantra 1 Moon - Monday
Blessed Divine illuminating Moon! May we all know and honor that Divine Light of the Moon which resembles devotion, emotion, and illumination. The Moon brings motherly care, nourishment, and support. Blessed Chandra also empowers imagination, intuition, and social/humanitarian pursuits. Soma rules the astrological sign of Cancer. The Moon's day is Monday, color is white, metal is silver, and gem is pearl. The Moon serves to show us where our heart resonates, and our ability to empathize, sympathize, and show compassion.

For blessed Moon auspiciousness. May this mantra bring motherly love, emotional capacity, sympathy, empathy, and compassion. May this mantra also bring nourishment, support, imagination, and intuition. May we all know our emotional nature, and capacity for compassion through our relationship with Chandra.

Mars Mantra

Mars - Tuesday
Mars creates energy, action, and courage. Mars is also known as the auspicious one Mangala, and the son of the earth Kuja. Blessed Mangala protects, guards, defends, fights against injustice, and allows us to execute and take action. The gems for Mars are red coral and carnelian, and the metal is gold. His day is tuesday, and red, orange, and pink are his colors.

For Martian auspiciousness. May this mantra bring courage, energy, and action. May it also bring protection to those who need protection, and support to all those who defend justice and truth.

 Mercury MantraMercury - Wednesday
Blessed and brilliant Mercury! In Sanskrit Mercury is known as Budhaya for it's brilliant intelligence, and quick mind. Mercury determines how we think and communicate. Mercury also represents the messages we carry throughout our lives, and how we express those messages. Divine Budhaya rules discrimination, communication, contemplation, and calculation. Mercury rules the astrological signs Gemini and Virgo. Mercury's day is wednesday, color is green, and stone is emerald. Shri Budhaya is known to be witty and have a good sense of humor.

For Mercury Auspiciousness. May this mantra bring clarity in thought, and expression. May this mantra bring a perfect stream of consciousness between our intelligence, and it's expression. May it also allow for precise discrimination of our intellect, and encourage versatility and innovation.

Jupiter Mantra

Jupiter - Thursday
Jupiter rules how we know and understand, it rules how we grow. known in Sanskrit as Guru because of his image as a wise spiritual master ortTeacher. Jupiter is also known as Brihaspati the Lord of prayers. At one point in the ancient mythology Jupiter using Mantra drove off the Asuras Demons who were obstructing the ritual offering from being received by the Gods. After the Gods nourished themselves of the ritual offerings they blessed Jupiter with the title of Gurudeva or "Guru of The Gods." Guru rules the zodiac signs of Sagittarius and Pisces, color is yellow or tawny, day is thursday, gem is yellow sapphire, and metal is gold. Blessed Jupiter allows for wisdom, expansion, growth, advanced levels of education, and prosperity.

For Jupiter auspiciousness. May this mantra bring wisdom, prosperity, heightened awareness, growth, expansion, and abundance. May we all know the role of Guru in our lives.

Venus Mantra

Venus - Friday
Blessed Venus rules how we love, how we experience pleasure, and how we relate. Venus rules relationships, love, romance, partnership, beauty, and the arts. Blessings of Venus include advanced development in social ability, creative expression, and deemed "Lord of Wealth" by Shiva. Venus is the ruler or master of the aenses, and in this regard Venus is empowered as Daityaguru, the Guru for The Asuras which represent demons who cling in attachment to the senses and physical existence. Venus is also known as Shukra translating to bright, clear or pure expressing Venus's ability to often be the most brightly shining planet in the sky. Venus also represents purity in terms of sophistication, refinement, sattva, and grace. Venus's astrological signs are Taurus and Libra, day is friday, colors grey and purple, gem is diamond, and metal is silver.

For blessed Venusian auspiciousness. May this mantra bring abundantly flowing creativity, pleasure, art, music, grace, beauty, and love. May it also bring proper and sattvic use of the senses, as well as refinement, purity, and sophistication. May we all know the Divine Grace of Shukra.

Saturn Mantra

Saturn - Saturday
Divine is your desire for us, you shine in your power and control. May we all know dependability, perseverance, and order through your ancient wisdom. May you lead us to our spiritual truth, may you encourage our most humble surrender. Blessed and Divine Saturn, may we only find and persevere through our important work through you. Saturn's day is saturday, color is blue, metal is iron, and gem is blue sapphire. Saturn rules the astrological signs of Capricorn, and Aquarius.

For Divine Saturn auspiciousness. May this mantra bring you perseverance, order, structure, and discipline. May this mantra be your medicine in all delay, chaos, and adversity. May this mantra bring us closer to sustenance of a spiritual life, and humble, deep and earnest surrender.

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Ksanati Newman Ksanāti Newman is  currently offering Vedic Astrology readings by donation. Please private message at Ksanati Jyotish or Like/Comment in his thread if interested.  Ksanāti is trained in the lineage of Mahadev Levine, and Simon Chokoisky. Chart Reading is 75 minutes and will include Birth Chart overview, question and answer, planetary periods/transits, astro cartography, and mantra/gem Recommendations. Advanced readings include Nakshatra, Shri Maharishi Parasara Classic Text Reference and Divisional Chart Analysis.

Aum Namah Shivayah


“Westerners live freely and think in structured ways, 
while Easterners think freely and live in structured ways”
- Pandit Rajmani Tigunait, Seven Systems of Indian Philosophy [1]

The modern Western model of education generally favors compartmentalized knowledge. After all, Spanish 101 is different from History 202, and what does allopathy have to do with homeopathy? While true from a certain viewpoint, this mindset ignores that the person studying them is the same, and that these subjects have to be assimilated into one consciousness.

In many traditions with an unbroken link to the past, the person is the subject, and various disciplines, like ingredients in a stew, are introduced into their consciousness at appropriate times, slowly stirred in to make sure everything is well assimilated. A little Spanish, a little History, and the right digestive agents to allow these to get along and become part of the whole enchilada that is a living, breathing person.

Jyotisha, Vastu and Ayurveda ~ Rays Of The Same Light:
So, what does this have to do with Jyotisha, Vastu and Ayurveda? Take the principle of the brahmasthana - probably the most important concept in Vastu Shastra- which says that one should keep the center of any lot, structure, or room empty in order to invite love, health, prosperity and divine inspiration. Brahma sthana literally means ‘the seat of God’- and is set up to honor the divine by keeping its space clutter free. This also works for paintings and photographs, where the center is reserved for nature, or a particularly important theme. Take this painting by Raphael, in which the artist places Plato and Aristotle in the exact center of his composition, with space and the heavens behind them, to emphasize his veneration for these two philosophical giants.

The Brahmasthana Principle Within:
This is an example of Vastu applied to art and design. Ayurveda extends the brahmasthana principle to the human body, asserting that we must keep our own centers empty in order to invite the divine to sit in us. Human beings also come with a brahmasthana— our GI tracts - and this is marked externally by the depression of the belly button. When our center is clean and uncluttered, the rest of the body obtains “prosperity” in the form of health and longevity. This occurs by allowing at least 4-6 hours between meals without snacking, and by periodic fasting. Yoga philosophy states that “yoga is the cessation of the fluctuations of the mind-stuff.” It is impossible to curb these fluctuations when our stomachs are full. Vaghbhata says of samana vayu:

annam gṛhṇati pacati, vivecayati muñcati - Ashtanga Hridayam ch.13 verse 8
“it grabs on to food, cooks it,churns and
separates the essence, and releases the rest”

Our digestive organs, including the villi and microvilli in our intestines, work in a wavelike manner to process and push food through the system. These waves are called vrittis in Sanskrit, and the cessation of all vrittis is the purported goal of yoga. As a result, yogis routinely fast to achieve this goal, and fasting is a staple of practically every religion on the planet. Jesus fasted, Buddha fasted, Mohammed fasted, Moses fasted. Fasting is a core religious ritual because it brings us closer to God—our own brahmasthana, or sacred space. Even the wise Benjamin Franklin said, “The best of all medicines is resting and fasting.” Keep your space uncluttered and its center empty, and you will invite God into your body and home.

But Wait, There’s More…
Another point where Vastu and Ayurveda intersect is their attitude towards water. Vastu says that water should primarily be to the east of a property. The word for east in Sanskrit is purva- which also means before. Ayurveda has a similar attitude, and recommends drinking water before meals rather than after, in order to boost digestion. Studies show that water before meals kindles agni by buffering the stomach (kledaka kapha) which in turn signals the body to produce more HCL (pacaka pitta) and together this results in increased jathara agni. Too much water after meals, however, has the opposite effect. Read more about water tips and tricks and the studies that show how they work here.

Finally, consider Jyotisha and its relationship to the brahmasthana, which in astronomy and astrology is the pole star. Some of our most primal symbols, like the cross, the scepter, and the svastika are astronomical metaphors - representations of cosmic events in objects and symbols. A combined snapshot of the constellation sapta rishi (the seven rishis - Ursa Major) during the vernal equinox, summer solstice, autumnal equinox and winter solstice would show you something that looks very much like a swastika. In ancient Greek, the pole star was called Omphaloessa, from omphalos, “the center of things,” which in later Latin was translated as umbilicus- the navel of the world. Says Bernadette Brady in Brady’s Book of Fixed Stars:

           “The pole was the Earth’s umbilical cord and all power,
all strength,and all divinity came from this point.”

Vedic tradition says we can access this divine force by honoring the navel of our bodies, homes, and outer environment, which we do by keeping them clean and limpid and allowing the divine to work through us. Next time you’re tempted to see Yoga and Ayurveda, or Vastu and Jyotisha as separate, think of this: when you look at a burrito do you see flour, beans, and tomatoes, or do you see lunch? These disciplines are ingredients in a Vedic tradition designed to help us live completely by fulfilling dharma  at every point-  the physical level with Ayurveda, the environmental level with Vastu, the social level with the dharma types, the spiritual level with Yoga, and at the cosmic level with Jyotisha. To master one, is to master all; to master one, is to master yourself.

Hari Om
[1] Seven Systems of Indian Philosophy. Pandit Rajmani Tigunait, Ph.D. Himalayan Institute Press. 1983
[2] Brady’s Book of Fixed Stars,  Bernadette Brady, Samuel Weiser, Inc, 1998