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Saturn’s Transit In Sagittarius: The Control of Justice.

Saturn’s Transit In Sagittarius: Control Of Justice
Regulation, Restriction, Constriction & Expansion

Saturn is known as the great controller, and is symbolized as the spiritual force or entity in the universe which embodies control throughout the universe. As human beings we seek control in many aspects, to have control over our lives, to have control over how time unfolds, and to control what we desire and how we obtain it. These aspects of control in human life are connected to the ego, to our individual desires, and are sometimes described as the individual will. Saturn represents in the deepest most metaphysical sense the Universe’s will for us, and is deeply connected to that which is the surrender of our own individual will or selfish desires.

The Controller Of Time …

Deeply connected to this surrendering of our control in relationship to the universe, is our relationship to time, and our need or desire to control certain aspects of its unfolding or manifestation. Saturn is called Shanaishcharaya in Sanskrit which means “Slow Mover” hinting at Saturn’s specific control of time, as well as its nature to move time in a delayed fashion. Each time we pray with Saturn and chant “Aum Pram Preem Praum Sah Shanaishcharaya Namah” we are honoring the Universe’s control of time, specifically Saturn, and surrendering our own desire to control or manifest time. Therefore, Saturn also metaphysically represents the release of our own individual will, desire, or control for the divine will of The Universe. In order to release our individual control and will, and to ascend to these higher spiritual qualities, the individual will must be tested, challenged, and faced with adversity.

Spiritual Growth … Challenges, Obstacles, Adversity & Delays
Saturn works to encourage the manifestation of spiritual growth within an individual, and many philosophers, astrologers, and rishis suggests that no spiritual change or growth can manifest without the work of Saturn. From this we can understand that true spiritual changes or growth manifests when we have to experience challenges, obstacles, adversity, and delays. These delays, or obstacles are truly opportunities for spiritual growth or change to manifest within us, and so Saturn presents these challenges with the intention to manifest growth within us. That is why Saturn in terms of its spiritual lessons is considered to be the promoter of virtue, since without the work of Great Shani we would not be able to truly align to our highest sense of virtue.

The primary virtue that Saturn assists with is patience, and almost every tradition or culture of people honor patience as a principle and virtue that is spiritual and highly sought. In fact, nobody knows how patient they are, although many would like to believe they possess the almighty virtue of patience. The only way we acquire patience, or are able to know or experience that we have this virtue, is for our patience is to be tested. This is the very nature of Saturn, which tests, delays, or challenges and presents adversity, only so that it can be overcome, and when adversity is endured or overcome the greatest amount of growth, wisdom, and advancement results. Therefore, Saturn encourages all to embody the virtue of patience in its work with us. However, Shanaishcharaya presents us with circumstances and situations that challenge that very patience because there is no greater way to grow than to be tested or challenged.

… acceptance, surrender, honesty, and humility

Saturn also inspires other virtues in our spiritual work including acceptance, surrender, honesty, and humility. Saturn will act in a way where it will encourage the embodiment of these virtues by testing, challenging, and applying adversity to them. The only way to truly know an honest man or honest woman is when the opportunity or reward for lying is great, yet they still choose the honest path. The only way to truly know a humble honest man or woman is when they are exalted by the community, treated as kings or queen within the society, but nonetheless remain humble and serve selflessly. The only way to know if a soul is truly accepting is when the aspect of life that is hardest for them to accept, they are confronted with and have no choice but to apply acceptance.

These examples, are some of the beautiful ways in which Saturn expresses its teachings and lessons to us. Saturn helps us align to our highest spiritual growth, encouraging our full potential, and alignment to our greatest advancement, by pushing us to face our Karma through tests, challenges, and delays. The truth is Saturn brings us to our highest potential, and the only way for us to achieve our highest potential is to be challenged or tested. Without any adversity, there is a limitation in the amount of growth, but when true adversity is overcome that is when growth is at its highest potential. Saturn is truly a great Guru in the lessons and energies it manifests within the universe, and should be honored for its immeasurable spiritual potential.

Profoundly Powerful Shift
Saturn is currently going through a profoundly powerful shift in which Saturn begins transiting Sagittarius on January 27, 2017. Than on April 6, Saturn will begin to go into a retrograde state traveling backwards until August 26. Due to Saturn’s Retrograde condition from April to August, Saturn will travel back into Scorpio from June 21 – October 26. On October 27, 2017 Saturn will enter its longest transit in Sagittarius which remains until January 24, 2020. This is very magical transit when a planet enters a sign for some time, then through retrograde motion goes back to its previous constellation only to return to the newer constellation for a much longer duration. This will show that in a certain period from January 27 – June 21 we will be getting a glimpse into the wormhole, into the future, and experiencing what our certain future will be like, especially in terms of themes and energies. Than these energies will dissipate for some time, or seem to go backwards, which is akin to going back into an old era, and then on October 2017 is when these energies will begin to re-manifest this time in a more enduring and permanent fashion.

Sagittarius is called Dhanus in Sanskrit which translates to bow, like that which is used with arrow. Along with this common signification of the bow, so comes the arrow as well as the Archer who bears the bow and arrow. Sagittarius can be signified or symbolized by any of these images such as a bow, an arrow, or even an archer. Commonly, The Archer aspect of Dhanus is portrayed as an individual who is half man, and half horse, hinting at the strength and animalistic significations of the sign as well. Dhanus is a dual sign energetically, which means Karma’s that correlate with Sagittarius can vary from being fixed to movable, which means the Karma’s that relate to Dhanus are not always the easiest to move or work through.

… intensity, passion, courage, confidence & vigor

The Dual sign does present the possibility for the Karma to be worked through but it will require spiritual growth, and it will require a great amount of change, and evolution. Dhanus is also a fire sign, which means it relates to the Ayurvedic Dosha Pitta, and therefore contains the Guna’s or qualities of fire such as hot, light, sharp, and spreading. These qualities translate into creating intensity, passion, courage, confidence, and vigor specifically to those heavily influenced by Sagittarius, and it is often associated as a bold, powerful, and intense vibration. Sagittarius is connected to the planet Jupiter, and therefore has great significations for moral and ethical values, as well as spiritual or religious wisdom.

Our Guru Potential … 
Sagittarius as an energy is promoting us to the realization of our Guru potential, and our Guru energy, by aligning us with our highest moral and ethical potential. One of the amazing energies of Sagittarius is that it helps us develop our moral and ethical code on an extremely wise and profound level, and then when we begin to live our lives by this heightened moral condition we transform into the highest version of ourselves.

Deep within Sagittarius vibration there is an emphasis on freedom, fairness, justice, and equality in our world. On a profound level it is our human right to have freedom, fairness, equality, and justice in our lives, but we sometimes find in our modern world a lack of these essential qualities. Sagittarius as a vibration encourages, prioritizes, and emphasizes the need for freedom, fairness, equality, and justice to exist in our loves, and in the universe in general. When it comes to justice and equality Sagittarius is idealistic and wants this for the universe in the fullest sense.

Sagittarius also contains humanitarian vibrations in the sense of a willingness to do everything possible to strive, support, and fight for freedom, fairness, justice, and equality in the world. When the energy is out of balance or afflicted Sagittarius vibrations may cause radical thinking, extremism, pushiness, temper, and a lack of grace, but its positive qualities of bringing fairness, and justice to the world more than compensates for these fire related flaws. Sagittarius or Dhanus is truly a divine vibration which contains freedom, equality, truth, fairness, and justice for the entire universe within it. During periods when Sagittarius is activated via transit, are times when we often see profound change, transition, and alterations taking place in the areas of freedom, fairness, law, justice, and equality.

heavily influence freedom, justice, fairness & equality in our world.

When Saturn enters Sagittarius on January 27, there will be two unique frequencies operating at different levels, attempting and seeking to come into balance with each other. As Saturn begins to transit Sagittarius, it will be bringing a multitude of qualities towards Sagittarius which it is not particularly comfortable with which will have dramatic impact. Saturn brings energies of control, order, discipline, focus, as well as tradition, and conservatism. When these qualities which Saturn embodies enter Sagittarius, they will begin to heavily influence freedom, justice, fairness, and equality in our world. Sagittarius has a strong influence or signification for the legal system and justice, so the qualities of Saturn will become deeply embedded in the legal system and process as well. This conjunction of energies has severe implications, many of which influence the political, legal, economic, and civil situation in every continent, in every country, and in every city.

The Impact ~ On Civil Situations In Places All Over The World
When control, and order are brought into the legal system it generally constricts or restricts, especially when Saturn is concerned. During this transit, our legal system in many of its aspects will become more restricted and constricted, and regulations will be placed where they can. That means certain laws or legal situations that may previously been more open, will now become more restricted or constricted in some way. This is emphasized by Saturn’s conservative nature, which will also probably attempt to constrict, restrict, or bring a conservative reformation to some aspect of the law or legal system. The legal change in the world will bring profound change involving regulations to prior laws and legal constructs. Due to Saturn’s conservative nature this will cause a great amount of regulation in the legal system wherever, and whenever the possibility presents itself.

Controversial areas of law including abortion, same-sex marriages, cannabis, welfare, drugs, immigration, and human rights are all subject to be regulated if legally possible. Saturn has the potential to restrict or constrict, or restrict certain levels of freedom, fairness, and equality in our world. Due to the legal changes, and the conservative aspect, there is a strong potential for certain levels of freedom which humans deserve to be delayed, or challenged. This will impact the civil situations in places all over the world in which a control against their freedom or civil liberties will not stand.

… will inspire humanitarian individuals to fight for civil rights

The regulations, conservatism, and constriction that Saturn brings in this transit will only make those individuals who fight for justice, freedom, and equality more focused, directed, and disciplined in their fight. When the attempt to constrict, restrict, and regulate individual freedoms and rights is in effect on a human population, they will be re-directed in a focused, disciplined, and determined way. We also have Saturn during this transit helping the freedom fighters, and those that stand for the civil liberties of all people regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, or economic status.

Nonetheless, the duality of these forces will exist profoundly during this time, in which Saturn will attempt to constrict, restrict, and regulate individual freedoms, and human rights, but the Spirit of Sagittarius will help those that our fighting for freedom, fairness, justice, equality, morals, and ethics the power to create profound change that takes the power away from the constricting, regulating forces and puts the power back into the hands of the people. It is a time where certain restrictive regulations will inspire humanitarian individuals to fight for civil rights, freedom, and equality.

Towards the end of the transit in the late 2019s and early 2020s when Saturn leaves Sagittarius, we will have hope and faith that the freedom fighters who stand for righteousness and truth will be focused, directed, and disciplined in their work against all forces of the Universe that constrict, restrict, suppress, or regulate basic human rights or freedoms. This will be a time of great challenge at relates to the full achievements of equality and freedom for all living things on Earth, but with the overcoming of this adversity, the people will achieve profound change, growth, and expansion in areas of morals, ethics, civil rights, economic rights, freedom, and equality throughout the world. It is a special time in our world where those seeking to control others, and limit freedom and committing injustices will be creating challenging Karma which may cause inauspicious consequences. However, it is equally a time in the universe where those focused on positive Karma will reap the rewards of their hard discipline, dedication, focus, and determination.

During this transit of Saturn in Sagittarius, it will be helpful to honor Shani using Mantra.

Please Listen To The Traditional Shani Mantra In The Video Below:

Saturn's Yantra
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