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The Divine Demon Rahu – Transits Into Leo

The Divine Demon Rahu 
The Divine Demon Rahu was known for his devout spiritual practice, but was rich in desire for both life, and sensory experience. Through his spiritual practice Rahu gained clarity as to where The Gods were drinking Amrit, the immortal nectar or celestial ambrosia, and saw an opportunity to impose as a God In order to drink the divine beverage. Quickly Surya The Sun and Chandra the moon alerted Vishnu the preserver of the universe of Rahu’s convoluted plans. Shortly thereafter Vishnu came down and threw his sharp disc in order to cut Rahu’s head off. At the same time that Rahu’s head was being cut off he tasted the Amrit and was granted Immortal dominion and empowered as two shadow planets, Rahu representing a top half with no body symbolizing Rahu’s manipulative desire for immortality and an unquenchable thirst for the soul experience.

Rahu represents the Moons northern node and it’s main purpose is to unveil, expose, or to shadow. Rahu is associated with material/physical purpose, uncovering, foreign locales, and purification as well as toxins. Rahu encourages dynamic innovation, adaptability, earthly success, and investigation of the mystical and unknown. Rahu is said to act similarly to Saturn, and therefore carries its influence to Capricorn and Aquarius. Rahu’s Day is Saturday, colors are brown and red-orange, metal is mixed, and gem is Hessonite. Rahu is also very often associated with smoke, occult or mystical practices, and Is remarkably brilliant.

Mystical Rahu Auspiciousness

Shri Rahu Mantra! A Hymn to Rahu!

Posted by Kṣaṇāti Jyotish on Saturday, February 13, 2016


May this mantra bring contentedness, innovation, adaptability, and material prosperity. May this mantra also clarify the path ahead, and may it encourage deep Investigation of the unknown and purification/transformation through that search.

The shadow planet Rahu has recently transitioned from the Mercury sign of Virgo to the Sun sign Leo. This transition has created a huge paradigm shift that will last until August 18 2017. Rahu is a spiritual force which is exotics and unique, an outsider or non traditional force that shrouds, clouds, and confuses. The sign Leo relates to the sign and thereby our inner ego, aspects of leadership, and our ability to manage, lead, and command attention. In this sense the transition of Rahu into Leo takes a very non traditional outside exotic force and allows it come into something very traditional, powerful, and a leader within the society.

This affect can be seen on a microcosmic level in our lives in which our inner leader and mystic are combined and dance during this phase, it also allows for prosperity and achievement from these areas of the occult, mystical, and unknown. We are at risk to be deceived by certain leaders or authorities during this time and there can also be misleading and misrepresentations. Due to the inner mixing of the outsider occult energies and the more traditional leadership energies, this is an incredibly potent time for merging of eastern and western practices, merging and integration of outsider alternative approaches and methodologies, with more conservative or traditional practices. Other aspects of this shift can be seen in our political race, in which dark charisma can cause a great growth in success relating to the candidate Donald trump. Even the other major candidate Bernie sanders is also an outsider bringing his radical and highly powerful and favorable opinions to the general public, and the results and growth of his campaign has been astounding. In some of the examples we have mentioned we are just beginning to touch on the incredible power of the shift of Rahu into Leo and the divine manifestation in which these occult, mystical, and darker aspects of our existence merge with the brilliance, light, and unequal power of the Leo and The Sun.

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