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Rahu Transit In Leo

The Divine Demon Rahu – Transits Into Leo

The Divine Demon Rahu  The Divine Demon Rahu was known for his devout spiritual practice, but was rich in desire for both life, and sensory experience. Through his spiritual practice Rahu gained clarity as to where The Gods were drinking Amrit, the immortal nectar or celestial ambrosia, and saw an opportunity to impose as a God In order to drink the divine beverage. Quickly Surya The Sun and Chandra the moon alerted Vishnu the preserver of the universe of Rahu’s convoluted plans. Shortly thereafter Vishnu came down and threw his sharp disc in order to cut Rahu’s head off. At the same time that Rahu’s head was being cut off he tasted the Amrit and was granted Immortal dominion and empowered as two shadow planets, Rahu representing a top half with no body symbolizing Rahu&#...