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The Mind

An Ayurvedic Perspective ~ Developing A Sattvic Mind

Individuals having the excellence of mental faculties are characterized by good memory, devotion, gratefulness, wisdom, purity, excessive enthusiasm, skill, courage, valor in fighting, absence of sorrow, proper gait, depth of wisdom and sincerity in actions and virtuous acts.
– C.S. Vimanasthana Ch. VIII Sutra. 110

According to ayurveda, a “sattvic” [pure] lifestyle is the best way to develop strength, clarity of the mind, good health and longevity. Sattvic qualities of the mind are considered to be clarity of the mind, understanding, and compassion. Sattvic foods are those foods which nourish the body and calm the mind. When both the body and mind are balanced only then can one truly appreciate joy and happiness.

Basic Sattvic Considerations:
– develop more awareness especially while eating
– eat more fresh fruit and vegetables
– consider ripe pleasant tasting nuts and seeds
– introduce more sprouted whole grains
– eat meals which balance all 6 tastes
– drink plentiful natural spring water

Other Sattvic Considerations:
– prayer and self-reflection
– yoga and meditation
– breathing techniques
– spending time alone in nature
– studying holy scriptures
– being in good company of others

Be Aware:

The take home message is to simply become more aware. It is important not to compare oneself to another but rather learn to love and accept oneself. Ayurveda is a science to help each individual find a state of perfect balance, happiness, and a blissful state of being.

I asked several highly respected individuals in the field of Ayurveda, how to develop more sattvic qualities and this is what they had to say …

“Keep a regular routine.”
– Lissa Coffey, Author, Ayurveda Professional

“Yoga emphasizes the study of the mind and the clarity of thought and action. Therefore, following Ashtanga Yoga, 8-limb path is highly recommended to adapt these principles and integrate these practices in order to cultivate a more sattvic mind.”
– Karen Khazzam Dubi, Ayurvedic Professional/Yoga Teacher

“Develop a systematic and slow practice of behavioral patterns. Adopting modest behaviors while disassociating from immodest gunas of mind. Be in company of politely speaking, self-integrity persons. Follow the path of truth and love. Feel your innate presence in others soul through the practice of So aham [meditation]. Think positive. Stay positive.”
– Dr. A. Rangaprasad Bhat, Ayurvedic Physician

“Dincharya: regular sleep times, wake up before sunrise, sleep by 10 pm. Pranayama! Daily meditation of sitting quietly, watching the breath or becoming present in the moment. Connecting with nature through dincharya: regularity of food, sleep & lifestyle.”
– Anupama Butani, Ayurvedic Professional

“Development of the sattwic mind can be approached through any of the 18 Vedic disciplines as well as any of the 4 yogas and as well as  any other spiritual path”
– Chitra Eder Turley, Ayurvedic Professional

“Mental sattwa can be enhanced through certain surroundings such as nature, having close associations with animals/pets, the elderly and infants, then a sort of alchemy happens. Likewise, one can mimic this and become uplifted through good company … this is one way amongst many other, like good fresh vegetarian food and fresh air”
– Sohini Mimi Striuli, Ayurvedic Professional/ Yoga Teacher

“Developing a Sattvic mind will include a more Sattvic diet, Pranayama, studying of Holy scriptures (accordingly to one’s suitability), and having a good Satsanga of good people.”
– Yossi Joe Nazar, Ayurvedic Professional

“To achieve a sattvic state of mind one should respect oneself, others and the environment in life. This may occur by pursuing in his daily life an ethical, social, moral and physical pure attitude and behavior . By trusting your intuition much more than thinking controlled by the ego is the gateway to a sattvic mind in life. A sattvic mind starts in your heart.”
– Gerry Van de Moortel, Ayurvedic Professional

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