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Awareness – The Mirror Of Life


Awareness – The Mirror Of Life
The mind can either be a beautiful servant or a dangerous master [Osho]. It’s fascinating that in a world of change, one of life’s greatest challenges is simply to sit still and to do absolutely nothing. Ayurveda – ‘The Science Of Life’, talks a great deal about meditation and cultivating a sense of moment-to-moment awareness.

mind [noun]
a beautiful servant,
a dangerous master.


“The Troubled Mind”
According to the wisdom of Ayurveda, the mind is present throughout the body permeating every cell and that every cell of the body is the center of awareness. Likewise, “Prana” – ‘the vital life force’, governs all communication of the body and mental confusion arises due to repressed thoughts, feelings, and emotions – reflecting a disturbance of prana. Furthermore, confusion implies a conditioned response arising as a result of many thousands of yesterdays with the past projecting itself onto the future bypassing the present moment. In reality, all there is – is now.

“The important thing is to be aware from moment to moment without accumulating the experience which awareness brings, because the moment you accumulate, you are aware only according to that accumulation, according to that pattern, according to that experience. That is, your awareness is conditioned by your accumulation, and therefore there is no longer observation, but merely translation. Where there is translation, there is choice, and choice creates conflict; and in conflict there can be no understanding.” – Jiddu Krishnamurti, The Collected Works, Vol. VI, 206, Choiceless Awareness

Great Video: Transformation Of Human Consciousness – Alan Watts

The Journey Within …
As we begin to observe our thoughts, feelings, and emotions as they naturally arise, we begin to settle into a subtle state of awareness. Awareness then becomes the mirror of life and soon begins to mirror all of our relationships – with nature, with others, and ultimately ourselves.

“No meditation, no life.
Know meditation, know life.” – Osho

Meditation – Being The Mirror

The Sanskrit word “Samadhi” is derived from two words “sama” which means ‘to be in harmony with’ and the word “adhi” meaning ‘God’. Therefore, Samadhi implies a state of awareness beyond the limits of the conscious thinking mind [both conscious and unconscious]. Although Samadhi has a much deeper and profound meaning, we can take from it the practical perspective of being in a state of balance – equilibrium. To be passively aware of all the workings of the mind with complete balance reflects a mind which is in harmony and such a mind mirrors one’s true state of being; bliss. Meditation no longer becomes an act apart from daily living. Rather, your entire life becomes meditation.

“Meditation is mind without agitation.”
– Narasimhan

Just Some Benefits Of Meditation:
– greater clarity and inner calmness
– increased creativity and happiness
– improved sense of emotional stability
– reduced level of anxiety and depression
– improved brain function and memory
– reduced level of stress
… the list can go on and on …

Meditation Is Known To Cause Enlightenment. 

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