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Ayurvedic Perspective ~ 5 Cool Ways To Stay Cool This Summer

Ayurvedic Perspective ~ 5 Cool Ways To Stay Cool This Summer
Summer is here and for most, the arrival of this season marks the start of sweltering-hot weather. Ayurveda describes the summer heat as being “pitta-aggravating” which implies provoking the fire element within. It’s intuitive that the basic goal during summer is to stay cool so here are a couple ways to help beat the summer heat from an ayurvedic perspective.

5 Cool Ways To Stay Cool This Summer 
1. Drink cooling herbal teas such as cumin, coriander, and fennel tea.
2. Eat cooling and more easily digestable meals such as kitchari and salads.
3. Consider applying cooling essential oils to the body, such as sandalwood and khus.
4. At bedtime, consider applying coconut oil to your scalp and feet
5. Perform a daily oil massage with cooling oils such as sunflower or coconut oil

Pearl Of Wisdom:
During the hot summer season, you may have noticed that your digestion is not as strong. That being the case you may want to consider ghee to help improve digestion and to also help cool the body.

“Ghee is a pitta pacifying substance that is useful in summer and bitter ghee (called tikta ghrita) is especially cooling, as it contains a number of bitter herbs, including neem. Ayurvedic literature says that taking 1/2 teaspoon of bitter ghee on an empty stomach on summer mornings will improve digestive functions and control pitta dosha.”  – Dr. Vasant Lad, B.A.M.S.

Practical Tips From The Experts: 
I asked several highly respected individuals in the field of Ayurveda,
how to keep cool during summer and this is what they had to say …

“Stay calm and eat lighter meals. Rose water – keep a spray bottle with you at all times. Practice asana and pranayama (shitali). Drink coconut water.”
– Edie Berman, Ayurveda Professional

“Sheetali  [cooling breathe] Pranayam, forward bends, and keeping Vata in balance as well is very important.”
– Yossi Joe Nazar, Ayurveda Professional

“Coconut water, cucumber water, water with rose water + stevia, aloe juice, mint water, coriander or mint tea or fennel tea, mint water infused cotton pads over the eyes, coconut oil abhyanga, shirodhara with coconut oil or coconut milk, coriander or fennel or dill on food, rose jam, coconut milk based rice pudding, fresh sweet fruits especially berries, steamed greens with lime juice, and some fresh salad with lots of cucumbers.”
– Mary Bruck, Owner of ‘Vibrant Health Ayurveda and Yoga’

“Drink plenty of liquids. Wear a cap over the head when moving under direct sunlight. Cotton clothes with loose fitting helps in aerating the body. Bodily heat can be addressed by the intake of milk at bed time; tender coconut water; eating raw cucumber slices; lime juice with sugar to address heat; lime juice with salt to address electrolyte imbalance.”
– Dr. A Rangaprasad Bhat

“Take more rest and keep out of the sun.”
– Gerry Van de Moortel, Ayurveda Professional

“Stay cool in the mind: Make a simple paste of brahmi, and sandalwood powder with rose water and apply to the forehead. Then enjoy meditating in the predawn through sunrise or while bathing in the light of the full moon. Deliciously cooling, sattvic, and uplifting.”
– Heather W. Baines, Ayurveda Professional, ‘Roots of Wellness Ayurveda’

“I recommend regular practice of sheetali  [cooling breathe] pranayama practice, along with pitta pacifying diet of course. There’s always coconut oil massage for your feet, head and Abhyanga. Drinking beverage with blue-colored glass.”
– Sanghee Chon Davidson, Ayurveda Professional

“Fan and proper air movement helps. I find that excessive air conditioning and control on indoor air creates the inability to harmonize with summer. Training the body to slowly manage the outdoor heat helps. The heat eventually doesn’t feel so hot. Keep a fan with you while doing this.”
– Chitra Eder Turley, Ayurveda Professional

“Coconut water intake. Avoid the sun but not nature. Cooled buttermilk (homemade fresh) with mint, cilantro, salt, little ground roasted cumin! (Yum).  Avoid spicy hot foods. Take more sweet, astringent, and bitter foods!”
– Anupama Butani, Ayurveda Professional

“Chandra seva… Basking in the cooling light of the moon while drinking a cooling beverage like coconut water and wearing white cotton clothes.”
– Lakshmi Devi Costello, Ayurveda Professional; Lifestyle Consultant

“Put hanna under your feet. Ayurvedic preparations made from henna cool the body during the heat of summer. If a few sprays of these exquisitely scented flowers are placed underneath the pillow at night, the heat will be removed from the body.”
– Chanchal Khosla, Ayurveda Professional


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