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Sustainability In Ayurveda: Essential Principles & Guidelines

  Sustainability In Ayurveda Essential Principles and Guidelines By Sarah Devi Otto­-Combs While words like “sustainability” and “Ayurveda” have become increasingly popular in recent years, there has been little conversation about what it really means to practice Ayurveda sustainably. As Ayurveda has taken hold in the West, there has been a corresponding surge in use of herbs from the Ayurvedic Apothecary. Aushadhis, or medicines, such as ashwagandha and triphala that were once foreign commodities are now commonplace and readily available in most cities in local co­ops and natural food stores. This in addition to the plethora of products available from India directly online has vastly changed the face of this market. While this has a been a boon for many reasons, there is a side of th...